I went from a heavy, bulky Mark Levinson no 27 and 28 PreAmp,  to the not often found Marantz Music Link series. Smaller class A mono blocks MA-24's with the accompanying SC-22 pre-amplifier. 
For sources, I have an Apple Express with TOSLink into a Pro-Ject RS DAC/Headphone amplifier, which does double duty as a DAC and powers my AKG headphones. I still listen to FM radio, which is quite good in Southern California, the Magnum Dynalab MD-90, it's about as far as I want to spend on an analog tuner.  
I stream most everything through the TOSLink input, and having had a turntable in the past, the convenience of  streaming DSD is a big plus.

Sidenote, the Eames storage unit came from the Venice, Los Angeles factory, it's a nice shelving system for this setup. It's SoCal vintage.

I power a pair of B&W 805S and a REL Quake, for the powered bass.

I'm always adding to and switching components, but enjoying the obscure Marantz amplifiers and preamp for now.

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    • Marantz SC-22
    Pre amp
    • Marantz MA-24
    • Pro-Ject Pre Box RS Digital
    • Magnum Dynalab MD-90
    • Apple Airport Express
    • B&W 805S
    • REL Acoustics Quake

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Great looking system.  Love the Eames unit.


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