HAL MS-2 server
5 TB external drive
Bricasti M-1 dac
Pass XP-12 preamp

Luxman M800A solid state Class A amp

Wilson Sasha 1's

5 QRT devices - Audio magic and Kemp units
Nordost Sort Cones under the dac, pc, and amp
Speaker cables from Cerious Technologies
Jena Labs Symphony IC's

Stealth M5000 power cable

Isoacoustic Gaia 1's on the speakers

Digital cable was TotalDac USB. Now a Curious cable.

Diffusers by GIK (the older hard plastic versions of D1's, not the foam units), Real Traps Near Diffusers, RPG, and Auralex. All painted room and ceiling colors to blend in.
There are 6 boxes minimum of OC703 and rock-wool in the room. The corner traps are 14" deep of rock-wool and OC703.


Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Bricasti M1 dac
    • Wilson Audio Sasha
    Titanium Silver
    • Pass Labs XP-12
    This unit is a stellar performer!!!
    • Luxman M800A
    Being shipped soon. Can't wait to try it out.
    • Hollis Audio Labs MS-2 music server
    Windows-based unit with solid state drive
    • DIY My own creation
    • Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix
    10' Speaker cables.
    • JENA Labs Symphony
    Very nice cables. Very organic.
    • Stealth Audio Cables M5000
    Wonderful power cables
    • DCCA Emminence, Passion Pro XXL, and Passion Master power cables
    • Verastarr Audio Grand Illusion Series Reference High Current

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Beautiful room, art and music together as they should be. Job well done. Enjoy the music


Wow, cool looking room !!!!
Love how you’ve incorporated lights into the back wall polyfusers!
Glad to read you enjoy TEO Cables; I’m a customer too and one of the main guys gets together with me to listen at my place as I’m not too far from Kingston, ON where they’re based.  
Kudos on all the room treatments!!!!  Well done sir.


Beautiful!!!  You have art and music compliment each other.  It must be a awesome experience immersed yourself in it. I have my setup in the basement too.  In dealing with the cement floor, I put a piece 2x12 pine with spikes on the cement floor (carpeted with thick pads).  Then, the speaker stand on top of the 2x12 also with spikes.  It sounded the best among other things I tried.  You have subfloor plus the floor glued to the cement, which may be very close but I somehow suspect the speaker's natural vibrations may still be reduced more than desirable.  I wonder if you already tried to tune that further.  CC


Yes, please contact me for some listening!


Pete ,Nice room !  I met you at the Axpona show this year and we chatted about the TEO cables..  I come to KZOO fairly often.. I would love to get a sit down in the sweet spot. You told us about your two piece Salks.. NICE! They sounded good at the show.. I got your # , I will call when coming west !


Ordered a second set of Teo's. Now if I could find more money to buy their speaker cables! The speaker cables require substantially more material so the price is very high due to raw material costs and all the hand labor to build.



Jeff, I have to admit that the previous try with Morrows were at a lower performance level like MA2 or so. I am quite smitten with the MA5 but for the price of them jump up to the $500 Teo. The Teo in just my short 30 minutes is outstanding. Nothing in wire can compete. I am back from travels last night so the rest of this week I will be burning in those Teo;s. So lifelike, no congestion, clarity, realism, layers, instruments sound like instruments (as a percussionist I know firsthand).



Well done

It looks comfortable down there.
I've heard the Teo Cables
Very nice 

Wells power amp has been recommended to me for a nice warm sound signature 

I was surprised when you said the Morris cables beat out your other cable brands

Are they worth a try?



Changes coming to the system. Dude is for sale - time to move on and give someone else a chance to enjoy. Evaluating IC cables right now with a Bent Mini-Tap AVC preamp that allows for just one set of IC's. I have Cerious Graphene Extremes, Morrow MA-5's, Audio Magic Trinniums hybrid ribbon, and on the way a set of Teo Liquid Metal. All different in topology and none in the uber expensive stratosphere. The Bent is mercilessly revealing, but in a good way.


Thank you zephyr for the compliments. It was a lot of work, a ton of planning, thousands of dollars in "abnormal" construction materials, but in the end absolutely worthwhile in the resulting sound.

I need to run more room sweeps as I keep adjusting the speaker placement in an effort to optimize already good sound.

I have an average size home and no need for kid spaces anymore, so having a space that is purpose built for sound is certainly a luxury. And someday it can be a bedroom or den, or whatever as a finished space to uninformed, non-audiophile owner. But right now it is MY space and my wife sits directly above in the living room and says the sound does not in any way disturb her tv watching. So the MLV turned out to be worth the cost on the ceiling in addition to the Roxul, Iso clips, hat channel, greenglue, and double drywall.


What a great looking system, room and unique way to organize your components in center stage but also make it acoustically friendly. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this...Also love the artwork and overall room aesthetics all around!!!  VERY NICE!!!!!

Ag insider logo xs@2xzephyr24069

I thought so. Very nice space.


Yes, that was me playing DJ.


Excellent room. I have some of the Salk Song3 speakers being made right now. Were you at Axpona this year? I talked with a guy that had Wells and Exotica 3's.  I dig your stuff anyway. i will likely move up the Salk line when I have a more dedicated space.


Thanks!  Just finished it Sunday. It does sound pretty darn nice. My 4th listening room. A ton of work, but worth it. 

My goals were:

Isolate the room sound and outside noise
Hide the rack
Get the dimensions as "correct" as I could to reduce room modes 
Create an esoteric room you could lose yourself in


Wow!!! That is listening paradise.


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