System that has not seen many changes over the past years. Only changes have been new tubes for the AR LS-15. Most recent tubes are NOS Audio Research ecc88 dated 1983, West Germany. 
System sounds fantastic. Hence no need to upgrade. Plenty done over the years to get to this set up.  Dedicated listening room on the 3rd floor keeps the family out and the sound in. Many years of enjoyment and looking forward to many more.  

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 20’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Audio Research LS-15
    • Proceed HPA-2 (2)
    horizontal bi-amped
    • Aerial Acoustics Model 10t
    • Linn Genki
    • Thorens TD-316 mkII
    • Musical Surroundings Phonomena
    • Musical Fidelity X-Can
    • Transparent Audio Power Isolator XL
    • Transparent Audio Powerbank Ultra Extended XL
    • Transparent Audio Musicwave Ultra speaker cables X2 bi-amped
    • Transparent Audio Reference XL int cd
    • Transparent Audio ultra int
    Balanced to amps 
    rca to phono and headphone 
    • Shunyata Research TAIPAN VX
    to cd
    • Transparent Audio PowerLink Super ac

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They have been outstanding. Although some of the 10's have had issues with the mid/tweet cabinet cracking, I've had none. Plenty of control from the Proceeds. Fantastic imaging, soundstage depth and very coherent from top to bottom.


Aerial 10Ts, fantastic speakers!


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