I live in a rather odd shaped Loft. I only have one side wall and that's all glass and sliding doors so I can not really effectively use room modifications there. the other side is open to the rest of the living space kitchen etc. I have 18" ceilings front wall that taper down to 16" at the back. my place to compound the issues is L shaped and i'm sitting beside a gas fireplace  in the crook of the L with another 12' behind me on the right side and the fire place next to me on the left. room treatment has been an issues and a compromise as this is the only living space. I will add pictures.


Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 18’

Components Toggle details

    • Sansui CA 2000
    Sansui CA 2000 1978 vintage hi-end preamp rebuilt with new upgraded caps-diodes-and the small transistors that are prone to fail.
    • Klipsch Heresy mkIII
    these are new production units bought in Dec 2019. stand in until I find La Scala's maybe new but they are over priced IMO.
    • Gold Note PH10
    Gold Note PH 10 Phono stage in silver.
    • Garrard 301

    Grease Bearing Garrard 301,

    I'm the second owner, I bought it off an older gentleman that bought it new and used it only in his personal system. He was a meticulous man and this is very well carried for. Very lucky find. 

    The table is mounted in a multi laired Honey Bamboo ply. Maple, Oak and Padauk were used to ascent the plinth.  

    The Arm Board is solid brass custom machined. 

    after some trial I've settled on Iso Acoustic Orea Bordeaux feet. I tried cones and felt the Iso's were a better match defiantly better isolation. 

    • Jelco SA750L
    12" Jelco tone Arm silver
    • van den Hul MC10

    Van Den hull MC 10 Silver body Low out put MC ( I run also  Denon 103 on the Jelco arm more suited) 


    • Schiit Audio Grungnir Multi Bit
    Schiit Grugnir multi bit in the house...
    • Sansui TU 717 Tuner
    Sansui Tu 717 Tuner that has been updated-upgraded as per recommendations from tuner information center shoot out. I basically took the detailed list of recommended mods handed the list to my Tech and had him do it all but changing to some better caps in some locations. Muldorf
    • Siltech Cables FT-12 G3

    Speaker cables

    these are the rectangle core silver/gold cables that are arranged like a ribbon (flat)

    • AudioNote UK An Cable 200/250 interconects

    99.99% pure silver 15 strand litz wire symmetrical interconnect

    With AN-GP-AG heavily silver plated RCA plugs

    I have a couple interconnects from NVA out of the UK that are specifically made with very low capacitance ( NVA amp needed that or they oscillated). I use them from time to time because they are some of the nicest copper interconnects I've tried.  ok I've not tried many but they were cheep I and I already own them ;-)

    • Atma-Sphere M60mk2 updates to 3.2
    OTL goodness in mono 60wpc amps from Atma- sphere

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What's up with the stacked Quads/Quad lls and the 301/Decca?