Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Audio Note UK AN-E SPe HE
    AN-E SPe HE Speakers in high gloss Makassar finish.
    • Audio Note UK Meishu Phono Silver
    Single Ended 300B integrated amp with 9 watts per channel.  Upgraded transformers and silver wiring inside with lots of Black Gate capacitors.
    • Audio Note UK TT-2 Deluxe Turntable With External Power Supply
    • Audio Note UK Arm 3 version 2
    Arm 3 version 2 With AN-Vx internal tonearm wiring.
    • Audio Note UK Io-Gold MC Cartridge
    • Audio Note UK CDT-3
    Digital Transport
    • Audio Note UK DAC 4.1/X Balanced Signature
    • Audio Note UK AN-S8
    Step Up Transformer for low output moving coil cartridges.  This model (AN-S8/Lo) is designed for the very low output of the Audio Note Io series of MC cartridges
    • Audio Note UK SPX
    2 Meter Biwired Speaker Cable
    • Audio Note UK Pallas
    1 Meter 'White' Pallas interconnect used from SUT to Meishu Silver Phono
    • Audio Note UK AN-Vx
    1 Meter AN-Vx interconnect used between DAC 4.1/X Balanced Signature and Meishu Silver Phono

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Very nice system!  I have heard the Meishu Silver a couple times at Hifi shows and liked it each time.  I also really like AN cables.  Like you I have SPx speaker cable and it is the best I have ever had in my system.


Absolutely stunning system and synergy for days I'm sure. I am a budding AN fan myself and your system is aspirational. And very well chosen in terms of the AN level system thanks for sharing!


Besutiful system indeed!  And I am sure it sounds as good as it looks. Having Audio Note gear throughout should provide a special synergism.


Beautiful system. One of the best, if not THE best audio systems I've ever heard was an all-Audio Note UK system a few years ago. A sound I will never forget.
Some more pics of whole system would be a nice treat though.


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