I've updated my system.



  • Fanless, SSHD, Linear Power Supply
  • JRiver, AudiophileOptimizer 2.0, Win Server 2012
  • Signal out via Crossover Ethernet to Renderer


Sonore Rendu

Wyrd4Sound DAC-2

WarpSpeed Optical Attenuator

First Watt J2

De Capo 3A MM Monitors



  • Balanced Power Technology BP-1 Regenerator
  • Albert Porter Cryo Outlets

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    I here you on the frustrating part of getting good sound... From checking out your system, its hard to believe you're not there yet.. I'd bet you're on the verge of hitting your goal.. I have suggestion - you mentioned that you think the computer is the weak link.. Have you tried a good CD Player as the source to see how the system performs ? That might trouble shoot where the weal link is at... CD good, then the computer is the problem......
         Have you tried a sub ? Cross it over at 120hz so the amp wouldn't be taxed so much on the duties.. I mentioned this because I raised to 120hz and everything above that sounds a whole lot better in my system..
         one question - I can't find BPT website for the life of me.. A year ago wasn't a problem.. Did they go "out of business" ?