Hello Audiogon friends,

Over the past 15 years I have transitioned from enthusiast to dealer to distribution.

I ended up wanting much more that was offered in the states and spent the last 3 years looking for innovation and not just premium parts to the same tired designs.

Enter Aries Cerat....

This company took me by storm with their true advancement of tube and horn design like no one ever has done before.  Year after year they have innovated and released breakthrough products that I took the plunge and now I am hooked.

As easy example to give is the development of their designs starting with a 240lb DAC for digital and almost 2000lb horn system.  When you look to develop the best equipment you need the best test bed to hear every last drop of information out of the recording.  Most manufacturers who make bold claims do not have anything like this to produce what they feel is the best.

I love cello and trumpet and panels/stats fall way too short to give any real authentic spl and dynamics of live or orchestral music.  Dynamic speakers and line arrays came close, but the high sensitivity to reveal all the source material and source components could give would only be had by a horn speaker.  So when they designed the first zero diffraction horn I had to get that too :)

No honking, no resonance from cheap composite horns, no coloration.  Natural as any dynamic speaker with true to life soundstage and imaging of a panel (provided you sit far enough away)

 On the downside I find a good portion of my library unlistenable.  The best example is an album of Chopin by Anneleen Lenaerts off Linn records.  It is a studio master 192k 24 bit mastered recording and sounds great on other systems, but on this system all you hear is the background noise and breathing of the musician that makes it impossible to enjoy.

I am in audio nirvana and truly enjoy working in this industry when I have products as exciting as this to talk about and demo.  

Vermouth audio cables were stellar without the associated price tag.  As a former dealer I had the best and this outperforms 90% of what I have put it up against save the truly statement level looms.  Why spend magnitudes more for such small improvements?

I encourage those who come through the Austin, TX area to visit and Believe in Hifi again :)
Maybe a year or too I will get over my phobia of Vinyl and find a table I can be proud of.


Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 19’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Believe High Fidelity USA Distributor
    Facebook :

    • Aries Cerat Symphonia Aeris Limited Edition 3-Way Hornspeakers
    - True 103db 3 way horn speaker system
    - Custom Raal ribbon horn loaded tweeter
    - 4in titanium compression midrange driver
    - 3 meter back loaded horn using an 8in fullrange driver for loading 
    - First zero diffraction horn design 
    - External adjustable crossover design using variable slope filter
    - Liquid glass and liquid copper finish for the LE edition (1 of 5 in the world)
    - 325lbs each 
    • Aries Cerat Concero 65 SET Monoblock Amplifiers
    - DHT 814 Tungstun Filament driver tube with transformer coupled to the output stage
    - (2) DHT 813  Tungstun Filament power tubes with an RMS of 65 watts  single ended triode power
    - Class A1 operation
    - Softstart feature
    - Manual on the fly biasing
    - 220lbs each
    • Aries Cerat Impera MkII Signature Edition Preamp
    - Inverted Triode stage technology.  100x less less plate resistance than the leading 6SN7 tube and near zero input capactance with 5x the bandwidth of a 300B.  
    - E280F supertubes
    - X Tube for inverted Triode stage (proprietary)
    - Single ended desgion with 5 inputs 
    - 15VRMS output
    - 140lbs  
    • Aries Cerat Kassandra Mk II Reference Edition DAC
    - 384khz/24bit capable DAC with upsampling toggle
    - New converter system using 8x8 R2R ladder dacs
    - E280F supertubes one for each channel
    - DOP for DSD up to quad DSD using plugin for Foobar
    - 10V output can drive just about any amp without a preamp 
    - 120lbs
    • Vermouth Audio Black Pearl Speaker Cables
    - 1.5 meters
    • Vermouth Audio Black Pearl Interconnects
    - 1 meter from DAC to Preamp
    - 10 meters from Preamp to Monoblocks
    • Kimber Kable Select 2436 USB cable
    - 2 meters
    • Believe High Fidelity Media Server /w Foobar and SoTM USB card
    - The Server uses a passive cooled case with heatpipes rather than fans.  Also use SSD storage for no moving parts and no noise

    - AMD 25W processor with 16gb of ram for caching

    - Software is Windows Server 2012 R2 using Foobar  as the media delivery and Audiophile Optimizer to shut down any remaining background OS processes

    - SoTM PCIe output card to give the USB output a huge performance boost and further separate it from the motherboard noise
    • Vermouth Audio Red Velvet Power Cables
    - (2) 1.2 meter for sources
    - (2) 1.5 meter for Monoblocks
    • Richard Grey 400 Pro Passive Conditioner
    - 4 outlet passive line conditioner
    • PS Audio Noise Harvesters
    - Use one for each monoblock outlet
    • GIK Acoustics Tri Traps
    - (2) in each corner
    - (2) behind each midrange horn
    - (2) center positioned between Aperture panels
    • GIK Acoustics 4A
    - (4) For first side wall reflections
    • Stillpoints Aperture Panels
    - (6) for front wall
    • Stillpoints ESS rack w/ Grid System
    - 3 shelf ESS rack system using GRID crossbraces with (4) Ultra 6's under each source
    • Stillpoints LLC Ultra 6's
    - 12 in the whole system
    • Etsuro Urushi Cobalt Blue
    • Echo Diastasis Ph-79 Phonostage
    • Torqueo Zebrano Compact and Pilastro Base
    • Primary Control Reference Tonearm
    • Top Wing Seiryu "Blue Dragon"

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What are your opinions on the dac and pre amp I have both coming




@lordcloud - I have tried the horns with them on both the inside and outside.  Its best virtues are much easier to achieve with the horns on the inside.  That being said the soundstage (which is my preference) does expand a good amount with the horns on the outside.  Achieving imaging with them on the outside is considerably tougher


I like that you have the mud/tweet assembly on the inside. I've wondered why I've not seem them set up like this previously.


Thank you for the kind words.  2017 I will be adding a full analog stage to the setup.

Stay Tuned....


jesus dude. stop already! if it sounds half as good as that lacquer job looks it is amaaaaazing. can i sell you a t chip amp?


My god, what a gorgeous setup!
Puts my Klipsch Epics and Peachtree amp/DAC to absolute shame.


Now that right there is a beautiful system. I've heard those amps but not those gorgeous speakers. Well done!!!


Just WOW...nothing more.


Yes Indeed Vern.  Next time you are in Austin you ought to drop by


I would say for two channel listening you have some dream gear


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