See my main system for the origin and rationale of my audio setups.

This is my home office where I work and enjoy background music, mostly smooth Jazz or chamber music and occasionally watching (part) of a movie. It started out with bookshelves and later in wall speakers but my crave for Dunlavy coherent sound is simply too strong: enter the Dunlavy SC III that I acquired, just like all the other big speakers, locally.

Hence the title of Menage a trois. To be sure: Duntech Sovereign 2001, Duntech Black Knight, Dunlavy SC III, not somebody else in the household ;-)

Music sources are Amazon Prime Music and Foobar2000 accessing FLACs on the NAS, iFI DSD nano directly to the trusted Aragon 8008.

Cables are NordOst Valkyrja as IC, Western Electric 14ga DIY speaker cables and Western Electric 10ga DIY power cords.  Audience aR2-T power conditioner.

The book cabinets along two walls ensure good dampening so no room treatment is needed. Heavy curtains covering the windows helps too.  

With tweaks (Audio Magic Platinum fuse, BDR isolation devices, Audio Points footers, Schumann Resonator, etc) the sound has become very enjoyable and reaches the level of SQ like my main system 7 years ago.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Dunlavy Audio Labs SC III
    A smaller version of the SC IV that got me firmly onto the Dunlavy bandwagon a long time ago. Same arrangement in MTM with smaller woofers resulting in less authority in the bass region, luckily a sub (REL R305) comes to aid.
    • REL Acoustics R-305
    • Ifi Audio iDSD nano
    • Uptone Regen
    • Aragon 8008 x3
    • Western Electric 14ga
    DIY interconnects (using WBT Nextgen 102cu RCA plugs), power (Furutech FI-11) and speaker cables (no termination as in the lamp cord days). 
    Organic and well balanced, a tad rolled off in the highs but extreme high value/money setup (can't be beaten for just a couple $ / ft).

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