This is my first system. Bought it after hearing it at a friend's home. I think may be the loudspeakers are a bit overkill for the rest of the system. The power cords and conditioner really make a diference. I really like my system.

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    • Transparent Music Wave Super XL
    Transparent Music Wave Super XL
    • NAD T 533
    NAD T 533
    • Shunyata Hydra 8
    Very good power conditioner
    • Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha 20a
    This power cord really made a diference.
    • Shunyata Black Mamba
    Using it on the CD player.
    • DCS Puccini
    What a great SACD
    • ASR Emitter II exclusive
    The big amplifier

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I have had Proac 3.8 speakers for a year now and I am totally satisfied. My search for speakers has ended ... these speakers will be with me for many many years.... great with any type of music ...simply fantastic !


Hello friends.

Big update. Now I have a DCS Puccini, a ASR emmitter II exclusive and Nordost Valhalla rca interconnects.
I am very, very, very happy.


Hi all,

Thanks for your comments. It really sounds good, but ...
I am upgrading to a new level, I hope.

By Christmas, the 300cd and 250p are going to be replaced by a dcs puccini, black. I'll let you know the result :)

Thanks man. It was copied from an experienced audiophile friend. He now has krell fpb and wilson with transparent.

I like transparent, but I confess I have never tried another set of cables.

Yes, the proac 3.8 are really good, way better than the 2.5, specially with female voices !!


Very nice system ! Proac 3.8 ...those are my dream speakers..will get a pair one day...using Proac 2 for the time being.


A+++ One heck of a nice 1st system. Congratulation!!!!!!!!


How do you like transparent products?


Cool....glad to hear that. Looking forward to the new pics...

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Hi Zephyr24069,
The room layout is different now .... I have built a custom granite stand and bought a large carpet. They really made a change in sound. Increased focus and stage deepness, not by small margin. I will post some new pictures ....


Very nice system...happy listening! You might want to try moving the glass (plexiglass?) coffee table out from in front of the listening position. You might be surprised at the results. I had similar experience with both glass+steel and wooden coffee tables once I moved them to the side of the couch; those flat smooth surfaces have some interesting and not entirely desired reflective properties. The same holds for the flat panel display between your speakers. FWIW, I don't think those speakers are overkill as they are the last important link that puts music into the room. If you like how they image, their bass, mid and treble response, and their musicality then you should keep them and simply enjoy!

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