This was my first foray in Single Ended Triodes, I was really fortunate to be able to experience some exceptional SET amps in my system. 

My favorite being the Korneff 45; I really regret selling this one. 

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    • James Burgess 45 Amplifier
    • Yamamoto Soundcraft A-08 Amplifier
    • Luminous Audio Axiom II Passive Preamp
    • Vaughn Loudspeakers Triode III
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    • Aurender n100h Music Server
    • Audience AU24 E Speaker Cables
    • Audience AU24 SE Interconnects
    • Totaldac USB Cable
    • Synergistic Research PowerCell 4 Power Conditioner
    • Power Cords - Various
    Sablon Gran Corona 
    Voodoo Silver Dragon 
    Wireworld Gold Electra 
    Wireworld Silver Electra 
    • Jeff Korneff 45 SE Integrated Amp
    • Lampizator Lite 7 DAC
    • Coincident Dynamo 34 SE

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Hi Bob,

The Vaughns are great, plenty of bass--which is tight and nicely integrated into the sound. I'd highly recommend them. 



Very nice system. How do like the Vaughn Triode's? I almost bought them a couple of years ago.  Jim's a great guy.  I was by his house but only auditioned them for about 15 minutes. Sounded great but I really didn't get to hear how the bass performed.  What do you think about the bass performance?.  I would be powering them with my Line Magnetic 22 watt  845 based integrated.  Should be plenty of power.  I also like all your other components.  We have very similar tastes.  Shoot me a message if you have time.  You are nowhere near Chicago, I presume?  Thanks, Bob


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