I've been into audio gear on and off for the better part of 30 years. Always tinkering with something and for the past several years more so with room treatment. Almost all treatments are DIY and mostly diffusion.

July 2019 update: Switched from Usher BE20D speakers to Vivid Audio Giya G2 S2s.
November 2019 update: Added 2 JLA F110 subwoofers now a total of 4
January 2020 update: Switched amplifier for the bass from a MF A308CR to my Wells Audio Innamorata and added a Wells Audio Innamorata Signature for the mids and highs.

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Wells Audio Innamorata
    Solid state amplifier
    • Vivid Audio GIYA G2 Series 2
    4 way with custom color paint
    • DIY Custom music server
    Customer CAPS - like music server.
    • JPS Labs Aluminata speaker cables
    • JPS Labs Superconductor 3
    From source to preamp, from preamp to amp.
    • Shunyata Research Black Mamba
    DAC power cable
    • Shunyata Research Venom 3
    subwoofer power cables
    • PS Audio AC-1204
    Power cable for Wells Audio amp
    • Cullen Circuits 12AWG power cable
    Power cable for Music server
    • Nordost Blue Heaven
    Power cable for Preamplifier
    • Stillpoints LLC Mini and Ultra SS
    Throughout the system
    • Sonore Ultrasupply
    Linear PSU for ultrarendu
    • Sonore ultraRendu
    D to D renderer
    • Aqua Audio Formula xHD
    NOS Ladder DAC with xHD upgrade
    • HDPlex 100
    Linear PSU for Music PC
    • Purity Audio Design Silver Statement
    Dual chassis preamp with extra PA mods encased in custom maple cases.
    • PS Audio Power Plant Premier
    AC regenerator
    • JL Audio F113
    2 Fathom F113 subs
    • Wells Audio Innamorata Signature
    Top Wells model amplifier.

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Thanks Jeff. The Giyas are amongst the most effortless, seamless and most natural speakers I've heard (and in my search I listened to Vandersteen, Evolution Acoustics, Magico S series, Rockport, Wilson, YG acoustics and more). The Ushers are quite good speakers and once modified with GR Research Xovers and wiring they were substantially better (more clear sounding, more detail, tighter more articulate bass). However, the Giyas are several leagues better, there really is no comparison. The Ushers like most speakers are drivers in a box, the Vivids incorporate significant technological advances and it's plain to hear IMO.


Beautiful system & room;

How was the change in sound when going from Ushers to Giya?

Wells amps have a great reputation for a natural sound 



Thanks Sebrof. Your system took a nice leap recently also.

@Arnie - Thanks, there is simply no comparison WRT Giyas versus Ushers. I am biamping them and eventually need to get better amps or a better stereo amp.


Very nice system, very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Steve,

Congratulations on the new speakers. I would imagine that the Giya’s are a nice upgrade sonically. Are you bi amping them?


Update: Moved from the usher BE20Ds to Vivid Audio Giya G2 S2 in June 2019.


Thanks for the tip cerrot, I'll remove the feet.


Nice rig.  You should remove the feet from the ko3 as you have the still points (they vibrate w/o weight on them).  You will hear it.


@babybear - Hope you liked it Arnie, slowly getting better. The pre really helped IMO. 

@tboooe - I liked the Usher sound very much but decided to upgrade the xovers, internal wiring and binding posts via a GR Research kit - made a world of difference. Not only better components/wiring but completely redesigned xovers. Stock the Ushers are warm sounding with the woofers gently sloping off at ~400Hz. With the GR kit it's more like ~200Hz, so the sound in many ways is quite different. You gain bass speed and detail and mid range and tweeter clarity.   IMO for the $ Ushers are exceptional speakers.


Nice to see another Usher user. I used to own the BE-10 and the Esoteric gear.  I had to go to smaller speakers when I moved my system into a much smaller room in the house.  Details of the Usher system can be found in my Virtual System.  Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the big Ushers.


Looking good Steve. I'll need to come by and hear it with your new preamp.


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