Rega | Sonus Faber | Schiit | Dayens | Grado | Wright Sound | Cambridge Audio | Kimber Kable 

Favor warmth and tone over attack and power.  I just want Bach cello suites to sound phenomenal.  

Sorta wish I could only use 1 source (vinyl) but the music I care about is pretty evenly split between digital and analog, so there's that.  I love the mis-match between the $50 Schiit Sys and the Ampino Monos, and the monos drive the 89 db Liuto's real well in a small-ish room.  The passive pre really lets the Gumby and the phono set-up come through, which I like (I have a Freya but I like the Sys better somehow - go figure).  I bought a Vidar recently and I can't decide which I prefer - both have a sound and work well with the Liuto's.  

Listen to a lot of small ensemble and solo acoustic, analog synth, vocal, weirdo jazz, classical, and lots of experimental stuff.  Love good records from the 70s and 80s, and then current .aiff files from Bandcamp through the Schiit.  


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    • Rega Planar 3
    2010, with the TT outboard power.
    • Grado Sonata
    V2, 2016.
    • Wright Sound WPP-200c
    With Genelex Gold Lion tubes throughout.  These tubes are amazing.
    • Schiit Audio Sys
    Passive Pre.  I have a Freya but I sorta like this simple unit better.
    • Cambridge Audio Sonata CDP
    Just using this as a transport at this point - feeds into the Schiit.
    • Dayens Audio Ampino Monoblocks
    Early 2017.  Upgraded version; 50 wpc.
    • Kimber Kable Tonik ic
    • Kimber Kable 4PR Speaker Cable
    • Sonus Faber Liuto Chestnut
    Second hand.  I think 2012 or later.
    • Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit
    Makes some really beautiful music.

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Nicflight - I had a Bifrost multibit that was my first DAC and I thought it sounded great.  I wanted to see if I could hear what 'more' sounded like, as in, what could all that "extra" internal stuff do to digital sound?  The Gumby is indeed more - mostly more detail.  I think if you're coming from the Modi maybe try the Bifrost first.  Love Schiit's schit, generally.


I am interested in upgrading to the Gungnir from the modi multibit.  Any thoughts you could share on how you ended up with one.


Nice simple....I like it!


Well put together system on a budget, I'll bet it doesn't sound like a budget system, though. I like the fact your speakers are well out into the room, many speaker systems/rooms work well that way.

Nicely done, enjoy,


Well chosen gear to play your music.


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