Room size 25x19x10 (living room). Main system, 2 channel. Digital sourced. 

Amps : Modwright LS100 tubed with NOS Philips 5AR4 rectifier & either Sophia Electric 6SN7s or NOS Sylvania 6SN7WGTA (1966 brown base)  Modwright KWA100SE power amp. Finale Audio 7189 (MK2) integrated amp with upgrades - Hashimoto transformers , DH Labs gold input , Mundorf Silver in Oil caps .  Amp comes with NOS Russian 6N14N-EB (7189s), and new production JJ 5AR4 rectifier and 12ax7s. I replaced the rectifier and 12ax7s with NOS RCA 5AR4 and GE 12ax7s.    Line Magnetic 518 integrated amp is tubed with stock 845s, I swapped in NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifier, NOS Phillips 6L6GCs, NOS GE 12AX7s or Tungsol 5751s. I rotate between the Modwright, Line Magnetic & Finale Audio amps every 2 weeks , each easily drive the Daedalus Argos V2s ; each offer a different presentation and I enjoy them all.

Mojo Audio EVO DAC , SimAudio 260DT CD Transport; Wadia 171i transport, IPOD Classic , Channel Island Audio Linear Power Supply for Wadia 171i

Speakers : Daedalus Argos V2s

Isolation:  Daedalus DIDs - used under Line Magnetic 518ia ; VooDoo Iso Pods  under Modwright LS100 ,  isoAcoustics Orea Bronze under Finale Audio 7189 MK2 integrated amp , Mojo Audio EVO DAC and SimAudio 260DT CD Transport . Symposium Rollerblock Jrs under Wadia 171i Transport Herbies gliders under racks; Daedalus Speaker Isolation Devices under the Argos. Home made wood speaker cable elevators; AudioQuest and Cardas RCA caps

Cables: IC is Acoustic BBQ Double Helix RCA  between DAC and preamp, or integrated depending upon which amps I am using; Silnote Orion RCA between preamp and power amp.Power cables are Audio Art Cable Statements on power amp, integrated amps , and CD Transport; Power 1 ePlus cryo on preamp and DAC;  Acoustic BBQ Double Helix SPDIF digital cable,  Clear Day speaker cables. LessLoss Firewall for Speakers.

Blue Circle BC6000 power conditioner; Shunyata Defender

GIK Acoustic floorstanding panel against the wall behind each speaker

2nd system residing in upstairs family room - 23x20.6x10 - not pictured  -  Ayon Audio Spirit 2 tube  integrated amp tubed with Gold Lion KT88s , NOS RFT ECC82s & RCA 12AU7s, Cambridge Audio CXC transport or Wadia i171 for IPOD Classic, Modwright Elyse DAC tubed with NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifier & either NOS Phillips or Mazda 6922s.,Silnote Poseidon 2 digital cable , Acoustic BBQ Double Helix RCA   ;  Silnote Audio & Audio Art Cable power cables, Clear Day speaker cables, JM Reynaud Offrande Supreme 2 speakers. BC Thingee power conditioner; Shunyata Venom Defender; IsoPods under DAC, Symposium Rollerblock Jrs under Wadia 171i Transport .Home made wood speaker cable elevators , Core Audio amp stand for Integrated amp; butcher block with spikes stand for DAC


Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 19’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Line Magnetic 518IA Integrated Amp
    • Apple 160 MG IPOD Classic
    • Wadia 171 IPOD Transport
    • ModWright LLC KWA100SE Power Amp
    • ModWright LLC LS-100 Tube Preamp
    • Daedalus Audio Argos V2 Speakers
    • Valley Pastic 4 Shelf Rack
    • Solid Steel 2 Shelf Rack
    • Silnote Audio Orion IC
    • Audio Art Cable Statement and Power1 ePlus Cryo Power Cords
    • Blue Circle Audio BC 6000 Power Conditioner
    • Daedalus Audio DID Isolation Devices for Equipment
    • Voodoo Cable Iso-Pod
    • Daedalus Audio DID Isolation Device for Speakers
    • Finale Audio 7189 (MK2)
    Integrated Amp
    • isoAcoustics Orea Bronze
    • LessLoss Firewall for Speakers
    • GIK Acoustics Acoustic Panels
    • Mojo Audio Evo DAC
    • Channel Island Audio Linear Power Supply for Wadia 171i
    • SimAudio 260DT CD Transport
    • Home Made Wood Speaker Cable Elevators
    • Shunyata Defender
    • Symposium Acoustics Rollerblock Jr
    • Acoustic BBQ Double Helix RCA
    • Acoustic BBQ Double Helix SPDIF RCA

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Sorry just seeing your question. I am very pleased with the Simaudio transport. It is a good match for the Mojo DAC allowing it to display more of it capabilities.


How does the Simaudio transport match up with your system? Is the Sim transport a high end piece, like the rest of your system?



Sorry I didn't see your post here until just now. Thank you for your comments, I enjoy listening to both systems


@facten That troll posted a link to your system in that Streamer/Dac thread and glad he did I don't think I've seen it before. Love those big Daedelus's, Daedeli maybe? Anyway gorgeous speakers love the woodwork and the ones I've heard at shows have sounded great.

And looks like you rotate between a great tubed integrated and a nice tube/ss preamp/amp combo that's a lot of variety. And a great looking second system too! Thanks for sharing and happy listening!


Great looking room and system!
Happy Listening!


Hello Facten = Fabulous looking (and I trust, sounding) system! I have been to visit Lou Hinckley on a couple of occasions and had wonderful times. Do you still use the JM Reynaud Offrande Supreme v2 in your second system? I'm looking for speakers for low watt (18wpc) mono blocs. If so I'd love to have a chat. I live in northern California and my number is 415-505-8192.
Thanks and Best, Michael

Ag insider logo xs@2x2ndliner

Nice system!

The Argos look great...have been on my short list for sometime. Bet they sound sublime with your Modwright gear.. 


Too early to really comment on the TP60 as I just put it into the system and only spun some vinyl for about 2 hours ( I have the phono preamp and turntable plugged into). That said it seems very well made and certainly did not detract from the sound. Will comment further after allowing it more time.

Been very happy with the Daedalus Argos V2s. Received them back in late October and now have them broken in. To my ears they are not genre particular, and offer balanced sound across the spectrum. Lou Hinckley is a true craftsman from both a musical and cabinet craftmanship perspectives 


Very nice. Would love to give a listen to those speakers.
How is the Furutech TP60?


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