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Dimensions: 22’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Avantgarde Duo omega
    Horn speakers 107db/w 16ohm
    • Atmasphere S30 otl
    Otl valve amp 35w
    • PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp
    Tried direct connection to my  DAC and also used a BENT Audio TVC. However, the BHK Signature Pre is awesome and creates a fabulous soundstage. This was a rather surprising improvement over my previous TVC.
    • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha Reference DAC and Alpha USB converter
    • Avid Acutus Turntable, SME V, Dynavectot xv1s
    • Tom Evans Audio Design The Groove Plus srx
    Phono amp
    • PS Audio P10 power plant
    • Jplay control and Audio servers with linear power supplies Servers WS2012/jplay/Fidelizer/audiophile optimizer

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Beautiful system. I've heard the Duos sound really great and as a former Atma-Sphere owner I'm sure the S30 is a great match. 
One suggestion, have you played much with speaker placement? It looks like you can pull them off the front wall without causing any trouble in your room and IMHE, the Duos will appreciate a little space behind them. 
Glad to see another nut like me apparently heavily invested in both digital and analog...why choose when we can enjoy both! 
Last but not least, Hi Puppie! Cheers,


Beautiful system but as a Scottish Terrier lover had to comment on that beautiful dog, we lost ours a year ago and am still mourning, what a wonderful breed.


And I see a is nice


Vinyl Tubes and Horns ......That is the way to HEAVEN


hi acresverde, yes I found if I turned the tweeter unit upside down I could line up 2 of the bolts with the frame so that the tweeter is aligned to the midrange speaker. I have also put a strap around the midrange and tweeter housing for added security. Jim Smith who was the Avantgarde distributor in US has spoken about this and I have found it to make a big difference - the sound sort of snaps into focus.



I've been running Duos with M60s for 15 years now. I use an MP-1 as well. Just noticed in looking at your pix that the tweeters are pushed back a bit from where mine are located on the metal frames.Is this tweaking on your part or the stock placement?


Scottie always likes to sit by my feet listening but he doesn't seem to have any particular favourite. Quite funny if he gets startled by a sudden drum or trumpet.


Very cool looking system I bet it sounds great! And awesome looking room as well thanks for sharing.


How does your Scottie like your music ?  My two are fans of Mozart and Vivaldi, but not Shostokovich or Led Zeppelin.  Too much boom and bang for their taste !


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