I've been collecting and changing components for years. I've wanted a McIntosh system ever since I saw one at my dad's friend's house about 25 years ago. Since my space is limited this is both home theater and designated 2 channel stereo. When watching TV and Movies, 5.1 preamp output channels go from the Yamaha receiver into the MX-119 and go their way into the McIntosh amplifiers. For 2 channels - I power up the MX-119, MC-352 and let the XRT 28's do the rest. It's my little heaven. Thank you for checking it out!

*** September 2016 update - I upgraded to a McIntosh XCS-350 center and now I have gorgeous, deep natural voices. I also added an MC-275 MK IV for pure tube 2-channel stereo when in the mood, as well as an MVP 871 as my signature player. McIntosh di-polar surround were added for DTS-X and Dolby Atmos. Yamaha CX-A5100 pre-pro has replaced the former receiver.

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • McIntosh XRT-28
    My newest and proudest purchase
    • McIntosh XCS-350
    Center speaker
    • McIntosh MC-352
    Powers the main fronts
    • McIntosh MC-275 reissue
    For pure McIntosh magic, I switch the main speakers to the MC275, and enjoy tube heaven. It's hard to believer that running the XRT-28's with a single MC275 in stereo , gives you so much music. It's not as dynamic as the MC352, but it's very unique.
    • McIntosh MC-7108
    The MC7108 is powering the XCS 350 center speaker (bridged and Bi-amped) and the front surround and back surround speakers.
    • McIntosh MC-2105
    Powers the Infinity Kappa 7.1's surrounds
    • McIntosh MVP-871
    I finally upgraded to the well regarded MVP-871. It's worth it.
    • McIntosh MX-119
    • Infinity Kappa 7.1 sII
    • Definitive Technology BP-7006
    Used as sub woofers
    • Yamaha CX-A5100
    The brain of the operation. 11.2 channels. Solid preamp.
    • Pioneer CLD-79
    My favorite laserdisc player
    • Sony BDP S580
    Solid Blu Ray Player with SACD output through HDMI
    • McIntosh HT-3
    Di-polar surrounds for DTS-X and Dolby Atmos effects.

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Wow....amazing collection on McIntosh must sound great! Love the Queen albums/etc on the wall!

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