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Dimensions: 24’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Genesis Technologies Hand Made Prototype
    Never Mass produced.  These speakers were Arnie Nudell's prototypes before he left Genesis.
    • Sangean HDT-1X
    HD Radio Tuner with SPDIF Optical out.
    • Oppo Digital BDP-105D
    4K Up-scaling, Rigid Chassis Construction, Fanless Architecture, USB Asynchronous DAC through the ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC,Headphone Amplifier, Toroidal Power Supply, Balanced XLR Dedicated Stereo Outputs, Darbee Visual Presence, DVD Up-Conversion, Dual HDMI Outputs, MHL Input, HDMI CEC.
    • PS Audio P10 Power Plant
    Personal power generating station with 5 separate regenerated zones and 1500 watts of pure regenerated power. 
    • Bob Carver VTA305M Mono Block Amplifiers
    Dual Mono Blocks conservatively rated at 305 Watts rms into 8 ohms.  Selectable feedback control that allows the user to change the sound of the amplifier from vintage classical to modern contemporary
    • PS Audio PerfectWave transport
    Works differently than other CD players by first extracting music from the CD, then storing to an internal memory and playing from the memory instead of the disc.
    • PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with Bridge 2
    Class A+ Stereophile rated DirectStream DAC converts any digital input format, such as PCM or DSD to a pure DSD stream and outputs near-perfect analog.  Whatever the format, whatever the sample rate, DirectStream is a pure DSD based solution.
    • Martin Logan Descent i
    Pair of subs using (3) 10" high excursion drivers with Servo-control in a trilinear, balanced configuration.

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