I've made several changes over the past year and streamlined the system.  Addition of the subs and a new cartridge phono stage have made the biggest difference.  Future upgrades at the top of my list are; a bit perfect upgrade to my DAC and better music streamer.  Thanks for looking!

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 25’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Music Hall MMF-5.1
    Magic 3 Cartridge, Herbie's Audio Lab "way Excellent II" Mat
    • Project Audio Speed Box
    Turntable Power Source and Speed Controller
    • Cary Audio Design CAI 1 Concept
    Class D Integrated Amp
    • Gallo Acoustics Classico CL-3 Speakers
    • Cary Audio Design CDP-1
    HDCD Player
    • Schiit Audio Gungnir
    • Audeze LCD-2
    Planer Magnetic Headphones, Q-Audio "Silk" Cable
    • Sennheiser Electronics HD-650
    Dynamic Headphones
    • Panamax M5300
    • PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter
    • Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-2
    10" active subs
    • Schiit Audio Mjolnir
    Balanced Headphone Amp
    • Harmonic Technology Pro Silway III mkii
    XLR Interconnects
    • Harmonic Technology PRO AC-11
    Power Cable
    • Cardas Audio Cross
    RCA Interconnect x 2
    • AudioQuest Colorado
    RCA Interconnects
    • AudioQuest Columbia
    RCA Interconnect
    • AudioQuest NRG-2
    Power Cables x 3
    • AudioQuest NRG-4
    Power Cable
    • Kimber Cable PowerKord 10 Gold
    Power Cable
    • Kimber Cable PowerKord Ascent 10
    Power Cable
    • Wireworld Super Nova 6
    Digital Optical Cable
    • Nordost Blue Heaven
    Digital Coaxial Interconnect
    • Kimber Kable PowerKord 14 AU
    Power Cable
    • Hana SL
    Low Output MC Cartridge with Shibata Stylus

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This is a late response but... The HD-650 withe the tube amp (Darkvoice 337se) was really great to sink into a couch to.  I ended up selling the amp though (I'll never part with the headphones).  I also love the LCD-2/Schiit combo, the low-end is incredible and it is far from "clinical" despite being very detailed.  In the end it is less finicky, more detailed and just as much fun.


I got the media counsel of of  Not the highest quality but very heavy and looks nice.  I'm not sure it would survive a move though


Thanks @mjcmt! 

@dusty, it isn't ideal but moving the speakers up helped with that a lot.  The Cylindrical Diaphragm tweeters on the Gallos image quite well so I think they offset some of the negatives.  I'm having a hard time selling the wife on thick curtains or acoustic treatments on an indoor window (;