Hi, this is my main set in the livingroom, but there is an other where i am playing with.

An old school vintage set with a Revox model A 40 tube amp....1960, and a set of Dallas III horns with Fostex drivers, a Krell 300 cd player, and a heavy tweaked Thorens TD 150, with Audio Technica 1005 MkII arm, and a Ortofon MC FL25 cartridge.

This upload follow soon.....


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    • DIY stands speakerstands matching with the KEF speakers.
    Ideal size, and hight, filled with leadballs.
    • KEF Kef 101 Reference Monitor
    Modified filters wih modern, and matched components, safetycircuit disabled , WBT speakerterminals
    • van de Hul RCA type D-102III Interlinks between all components
    • Kimber Kable Kimber 8TC speaker cable with WBT spades
    • Lehmann Audio Lehman Black Cube SE phono pre amp.
    • Garrard Garrard 301 with Shindo Labs housing, SME 3009 arm and Benz Ace L headshell
    Fully restored, and in mint condition.
    • Thorens TD 124 MkI with Ortofon AS212 arm, and SPU headshell
    Fully restored, in mint condition
    • Unison Research CD-1
    Modified with Telefunken ECC802s tubes, and tuberings, and leadbitumen sheats
    • Unison Research Unico Hybrid amplifier
    Modified with Telefunken ECC802s tubes, tuberings, and Clarycaps elco's
    • Teufel 200 watt subwoofer, working from 25 - 80 Hz.

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Very nice! Love the Unico and tts.

I can feel the pain in my knees when playing vinyl, but I assume your tts don't fit on the top shelf.


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