After over a year of auditioning (Dartzeel, Soulution , Boulder, Wilson Benesch , Marten ) I settled on Vitus Audio and Magico. I once istened to this combo for 12 hours straight with no sense of mental fatigue. Other amps/speakers and within an hour I find myself wanting to leave the room or I start to nod off . The level of detail and warmth from all-analogue mastered Vinyl can not be bettered by any digital medium . I rarely listen to SACD anymore

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    • Luxman D-08
    Plays SACD - analogue outs only (XLR /RCA). Made In Japan . A phenomenal player that's built like a swiss watch .
    Well engineered. Made in Germany .
    • MAGICO Q5
    Very detailed. Very Clear. Very Heavy . Sounds constrained for first 300 hours but then something miraculous happens
    • VITUS AUDIO SS 101
    Dual Mono Solid state power amp. Class A or Class AB. Lots of grunt and sublime sound. RCA and XLR inputs . Mundorf binding posts. This amp has an inbuilt volume control if u dont have a pre - amp.
    • VITUS AUDIO SL 102
    Solid state pre with analogue volume control . RCA and True balanced XLR circuitry
    Solid state Phono with RCA and true balanced ins and outs .Unlimited configurations. Astonishing sound and clarity
    • SOLID TECH various
    From Sweeden .Cancels out resonances. Good value for money and a child could assemble. Good build quality
    • AIR TIGHT PC 1 supreme
    Frightening level of detail. Sure beats the 20 dollar MM stuff we used in the 70's. Typical,meticulous japanese engineering. Nude diamond stylus. Expensive but in this case the hype was well deserved.
    • Benz Micro LP-s
    MONO CARTRIDGE. Swiss made. Beautiful sound. line contact nude stylus.
    "Cables are all a gimmick" I thought. After some testing I found they (unfortunately ) do affect sound . Made in Holland and the way silver and gold prices are going they are sure to retain their value.
    Power filter /line conditioning. I had to disconnect this one day when re-arranging equipment and the soundstage collapsed a bit . I quickly re-connected it. Made in the UK . Quality surge protection
    • SME SME V and 5009
    • BLU RAY ROOM .
    JEFF ROWLAND and WILSON BENESCH for home theatre . Bit of a waste because they're excellent speakers for audio. There's a Torus sub in there somewhere

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Yup!!! ;)


Hi Sam,

I think an NAD amp is vastly different than a Vitus in heat production. i am sure you already know this given how sophisticated your system is. ;)

Aside from comfort level, i would have thought the Vitus can operate without the fans providing there is sufficient ventilation around the unit. Gryphon recommends 12" of clear height above my unit (the unit stands vertically, so i imagine more clear height is required than if unit had wider horizontal surface area?).


Wow! Nice system! I have heard the Magicos (not these) and understand something of what they do extraordinariily well. Very nice.

I also have not heard Vitus, but done a lot of reading and also own SS Class A (Gryphon Colosseum) so have some appreciation for the quality of what you are hearing from your SS equipment.

I concur with your choices of equipment from what i have heard of the Magicos and the amplification that they seemed to present well with.

BTW, why do you have fans on each end of your rack? I am sure the amp gets quite how, but surely they have designed it to dissipate well enough that cooling it down should not be the fans presumably make noise?

Just curious as my own system runs hot (Gryphon Colosseum is 160 watts/channel full Class A).