This system is a significant upgrade over New Ultimate Office system, in fact, the only common components are the Wadia and Rega DAC.  The heart of the system is the stack of the Naim components. The PMC speakers are giant killers, even at their, not so small, price.  I listen to this more than my home system.  Extremely musical and detailed.

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    • Naim Audio Nait XS-2 integrated amp
    • Naim Audio Flat Cap II for Nait XSII power supply
    • Naim Audio CD 5i CD player
    • Nordost Red Dawn II Interconnect and speaker
    • REL Acoustics sub woofer S 5
    • Wadia Transport
    • PMC Twenty -twenty two speakers
    Piano black
    • Clearaudio cartridge Maestro mm
    • Rega DAC
    • Rega turntable RP 8

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