Toying around with isolation systems; roller bearings and furniture cups are in use presently with marble bases and inner-tubes under the components.  Suspended hardwood floor braced with jack-posts under speaker location.

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    • Bowers and Wilkins DM-640
    • Acurus DIA-100 mkII
    • Ultech Audio UCD-100
    • Musical Fidelity V-DAC II
    • APC C25B AV C Type Power Filter
    • Fujitsu Lifebook PH-520
    Running minimalist install of Windows 7 for digital playback through USB.  Controlled with smartphone via Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android.

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Its presently a gas fireplace that doesn't get much use, and it doesn't seem to heat up at all below the firebox when it's on.  I'm hoping to convert it back to wood burning this year, and I'll have to do something about the left cable.  Thanks for the suggestion!


Nice and clean. Do you have any fear about the left speaker wire running in front of the fireplace. Maybe shield it by running it thru a length of aluminum rigid conduit.


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