I finished purchasing my new system in February 2015 and recently completed an upgrade, buying a separate stereo amplifier for my main speakers and upgrading all power cords.

Speakers - Martin Logan - Theos mains, Motif X center, Motion FX surrounds, Grotto subs
Amplification - Rotel - RSP-1572 pre/pro, RMB-1555 surround amp, RB-1582 Mk II stereo amp for mains
Sources - Oppo BDP-105D UDP
Storage - Salamander Synergy 323 cabinet, Boltz CD/blu-ray storage units, Levenger Otter
Room Treatment - ASC panels and tube traps, Auralex SubDude 2 sub pads
Interconnects - MIT Styleline 8 interconnects, MITerminator 2 main speaker interconnects, Tributary (subs, center channel, and surrounds), MIT and AudioQuest HDMI
Power - Shunyata - Venom PS-8, Venom Defender, Venom 3 component power cords, Venom HC amp power cords
TV - Sony KDL-55HX800 with optional TMR-BR100 3D Sync Transmitter and 1 pr. TDGBR750 active 3D glasses

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Martin Logan Theos (Dark Cherry)
    Main speakers
    • Martin Logan Motif X
    Center Channel
    • Martin Logan Motion FX
    Surround Speakers
    • Martin Logan Grotto
    Subwoofer (2)
    • Rotel RSP-1572
    • Rotel RMB-1555
    Surround Amp
    • Rotel RB-1582 Mk II
    Stereo amp (mains)
    • Oppo Digital BDP-105D
    Universal Disc Player

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