Welp, here it is.

Pretty happy with things. Outboard amp for the JMlabs, nice plasma hanging on the wall, dual subs, good universal player and a respectable reciever for the price range. :)

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    • Panasonic Plasma EDTV TH-42PD50U
    42 in Plasma Displaw, built in tuners, 7th gen plasma
    • Panasonic DMR-EH50
    DVD Burner w/ 100gb harddrive. I work evenings, now i can finally record the shows i always miss
    • Denon AVR-3805
    New Denon reciever, replaced the 3803 model.
    • Denon DVD-2900
    Universal player
    • Denon POA-2800
    200WPC SS Amp fron Denon. Not a bad amp, Just got it fixed and im loving it!
    • JM Labs Chorus 707 S
    2 way ported design with the inverted tweeter.
    • Definitive Technology Mythos 7 Center channel
    Center Channel, Mythos series
    • Velodyne DLS-4000 #1
    200W 12in sub. 25hz-3db
    • Velodyne DLS-4000 #2
    200w 12in subwoofer
    • Audioquest G-snake Interconnect 2m
    I got this running from the pre-outs to the left Velodyne, speakers set on large.
    • Audioquest G-snake Subwoofer kit
    This one is from the LFE to the right velodyne.
    • AudioQuest Type 6 Speaker Cable
    $6.00 per foot, terminated on one end with banana's, bare wire on other side. Shotgun bi-wire
    • AudioQuest Copperhead .5m
    .5 meter interconnect from pre-out on the AVR to the AMP
    • Synergistic Research (x2) ????
    1m Copper RCA inteconnect from the DVD to AVR
    • Synergistic Research (x1) ???
    Silver plater interconnect, from DVD to AVR
    • Dayton Audio Black Chrome Isolation Cones
    Black Chrome Isolation cones. 4 sets. I got 4 under each subwoofer and 4 under each speaker stand.
    Nrchy's DIY PC

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The stereo is nice but the card needs upgrading:-) Happy listening


Nice job with the mounting of everything. You've got a great slick look going on there. I'll bet it sounds nice, too.


System edited: Just bought myself a lil xmas present. Panasonic DVD recorder with a 100gb hard drive. With the schedule i have most decent TV programming is over after i get off work, so now i can set this bad boy up and be able to record the shows, edit out the commercials, and burn them to DVD :)


Hey Slappy, HOWDY! I too was wondering if you fell off the flat edge of the earth? Chris, there isn't anything on the bottom of any bottle that is going to improve your way of life. Where are you meeting all these 285 loose'R women at? I told you once you got the Stang to stay away from those High School parking lots. Serioulsy nice to see your alive, and on your way back to wellness. Now stop letting Gunbei fix you up on all those blind dates!


Slappy, your a good guy, don't let the crap get you down. Love the new look of your system and the Mustang looks as good as ever.

Wish you lived near us, my 19 year old sun and you would probably get along great. His Mustang Mach 1 is pretty hot and now that he's accustomed to it, I don't get to drive it any more (his first manual transmission).

Really great to have you back !!

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Slappy, sorry to hear about your struggles! I guess we've all there, but that doesn't make it any easier on you! Check out the 'about Lugnut' thread, it might offer some well needed hope and encouragement.

You're not gonna move anywhere near me in 2007, are you???


Slap- I for one missed you buddy!

I'm almost 20 years older than you, but I remember well my late 20's/early 30's. All in all, that can be far tougher on a man than being older (believe it or not).

Anyway, keep that wise head of yours up dude. You've got a lot to look forward to.


Hey folks. Long time no hear huh?

about 3 months ago i knocked a hole in my wall and recessed the stereo equipment. Got the amp on the ground with the subs. plasma is now hung, center speaker is hung. all in all a very cool sleek look, plus now that i got all the crap out from between the speakers my imaging is back. :)

So. i dont think ive been on here in months. Still doing the same thing, been working on the car quite a bit, that is a new hobby that dominates a lot of my time. Im not exactly sure how or when but i just kinda fell out of the whole audio thing. certainly easier on the wallet. I think im actually just quite pleased with my modest system.

Last night i had a nice long listening session, it was great. I cant remember how long it has been since i have done that. This was after i took my girlfriend home after i found out she was nailing some other guy. All in all im ok with that, only been seeing her a month or so and really diddnt have a whole lot of emotional attachment. She caused me quite a few problems though, so good riddance.

So audiobugged, i think im up to 285 now.

I kind of hit quite an achoholic spell for a while. I guess i kinda lost my desire for anything. Not really a depressed mode, just lost my direction for a while. My liver absolutly despises me right now. Just living to get drunk and forget. I think it was a midlife crisis, ill be 29 soon (yeah not that old) but i've just been relativly unsatisfied with almost all aspects of my life.
This past several weeks ive really started to pull out of the slump. Ive made some friends, lost some friends, and really hadnt done anything for myself. At some point i kind of woke up. Realized where i was isnt where i want to be, and now im working on a plan to free myself from that which holds me back (mortgage, bills, stuff like that). I hope by 2007 ill be able to pack up and move elsewhere and start over. It gives me a pretty good goal though, get out of debt, pay off bills instead of bar tabs, all that junk.

anyways, im kind of rambling on. im doing pretty good for the first time in quite a while. at least seeing some sunlight.

Ill check in here again soon.

Take care folks!


Audiobugged, 281 seems about right by now. This is getting a little out of hand. In 10 years i'll probably have 20-30 teenagers come to me claiming to be my kids. Ill try to get some pics of the panny put up in the next week or so.

Albert, That is a damn fine car. The mach 1's are awesome. If they had any available when i got mine i woulda definatly gone with the DOHC. Nice car, make sure he appreciates her and keeps her clean and running smooth!

These cars sure are addictive, ive been working on putting on 8 inch wide rally stripes with pin striping that will be about 3/4in to the sides of the rally stripes. Took about an hour to pull off the stock stripes, these new ones when done will go from the bottom of the front bumper all the way to the bottom of the rear. So far i have the hood, trunk, and down the rear done. Still need to do the front bumper and hood of the car, couldnt be happier with how they are turning out. The whole kit costs 34 bucks from and is extremly easy to do if you follow the instructions on the site. So if your son wants a cheap visual upgrade that will really stand his Mach 1 out from the rest, that is one way to do it. You should also tell him to check out, great online store, free shipping on any order over 50 bucks, and a great forum section with some people who might be able to answer any mustang-specific question he could have.

Galeriehughie, That sure is a generous offer! I might have to take you up on that!
Just let me know.


Yes, slappy,

I definitely could part with it, but i see you just bought one. I just edited my system as well, and with the 5.1
sytem without a choice for ghost center i am forced to use it until I find suitable replacement. When Im done i'll let you have it. Just pay shipping... You can see it under my tv
in my system. I paid a couple hundred for it on special years ago, and it never really fit my KEFs or my Gallos.

Take care, love the mustang, but I'm a Boxster driver myself. Ill trade the horses for the curves.... :)


Slapster, I Just co signed a note for my teen age son for a 2003 Mustang Mach 1 with 5 speed, cold air intake, Mach sound system and equipped with Lo jack. This is the 32 valve, double overhead cam aluminum engine version. Supposedly the "off record for insurance sake" 330 HP. It's metallic gray with gray interior.

This was the hobby car for a 50 year old guy with three kids. He took amazing care of it, had only has 8300 miles when we picked it up this afternoon.

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Hey Slappy...Huh? Is the 281 on the fender your number of Ex-Girlfriends? If so 289, 302, 351, & 428 will adore the fender nicely in the future! ;0)~


I like the new pics, but I see you kept the one with the Slapsquatsh reflection?!? Too scary!


Slappy where's the Panny Pic's???


System edited: Added Definitive Technologys Mythos 7 center channel Pretty happy with the performance, i needed something that was under 4 inches in height. This perfectly fits the bill.


Yah, Since the woman left i decided to stop waxing my back.
Saw her last night on a date with another guy. Grrrr. just as im starting to get over her i get that kick in the stomache


Yah the TV is working out pretty good, i have it wallmounted now, i for a SANUS walmount from for 100 bucks, and tomorrow i FINALLY get to pick up my HD box from comcast, they said i couldnt have one untill they get a large shipment cause i already have an HD box on my account. That box, is located in the basement in my roomates room. I really dont have access to it.
So tomorrow ill be in good shape.

Galeriehughie, ive been wanting a center channel, problem is with the old TV which you see in the pic, i have no room for one. Now with the panny plasma i can sit it where the old TV was.
I dont suppose you are looking to seperate with that JM Lab center?


Hey slappy,

I have an old JMLAB center...
I haven't used it for couple years.
My Gallo's put the vocals right where they need to be.



That's actually a Slapsquatch with a camera, with a reflection like that no wonder all his women split. Hence his need for a faster ride to catch those fleeing chicks. Hey Slappy till you get your next girlfriend, you'll be able to enjoy watching the movie "Runaway Bride" in widescreen on the Panny. ;0)~


That car is pretty nice, but what was that nasty reflection in the side of the car, looks like sasquatch with a camera!


Way to go Slappy, glad to see your not dumping every penny into the Stang. I picked up a 42" hdtv Panny last year. It was like splitting hairs between the Panny & Pioneer Elite's. The Panny's are that good! You must be loving watching "Motor Week" now?


Yah, i totally dig the Panny. its a new model, 7th gen plasma screen. They stripped some pricy features off like PIP and cable card, but i dont ever use PIP and the cable card doesent allow you to access ON-DEMAND. However, the built in tuner is good for pickin HD off the air. It is EDTV not HD though, but i sat there for a long while watching HD on this set and the HD model next to it, but at my viewing distance the difference between the two is almost non existant. couldnt justify the extra 600 for the HD.

Yah damn woman left. I dont get it. Everything going great, about 6 months, then all of the sudden she isnt ready for a relationship.

Whatever. The TV is hotter.

Go through a lot of women? you should see me when i'm single and really get into the game. I dunno, maybe it is time to go for an older woman. Im 28, she was 24. maybe i oughtta look for 30ish.

Note to self "need to get hot tub hooked up"




Good move picking up the Panny. Your next woman will dig that display!


Damn Slappy- you go through women like cables:)


System edited: Welp, the new woman left me. So i did what any good red-blooded american would do. Bought the coolest TV i could afford.


Slappy, if you haven't already discovered it for the Mustang, check out for their show car polishing products. Outstanding products that deliver, and Sal Zaino will give you tips on the phone (i.e. removing hardwater stains, etc.). Great guy, great company, great products.

Oh, and nice developments in the system, too. I like that you're using stereo subs, and have placed them next to their corresponding monitors.


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