I also have a collection of about 2000 LPs. Many DECCA, Lyrita and EMIs.  I took this shot sometime ago. The components that don't jibe have been replaced with the ones listed above.

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    • QUAD ESL-63s
    Rebuilt by QS&D
    • Manley Laboratories Steelhead phono stage
    • Manley Laboratories Neoclassic 300B
    • Jean Nantais Lenco mk2 turntable
    • Ikeda IT-345 tonearm
    • Fidelity Research FR7 cartridge
    • Musical Fidelity NuVista cd player
    • Wyetech Labs Topaz 211A amp
    • Nordost SPM spk
    • NBS Audio Cables Serpent III ic
    • Herbie's Audio Lab Hardballs for the turntable
    • Quad ESL-57s (in storage)

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....really nice.