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    • Audio Research Audio Research
    ARC REF-75se amp.
    ARC REF-3 line stage.
    ARC PH-8 Phono stage.
    CD Player - Grover Huffman modified Pioneer Elite DV-59 AVi
    Turntable - Well-Tempered (original - modified).
    Cartridge - Lyra Argos Moving Coil.
    Sound Application power conditioner with upgraded receptacles.
    Power Cords - Synergistic Research level 3.
    Speaker cables - Von Gaylord Audio 7000
    Interconnect cables - Von Gaylord & FMS Nexus. 
    Equipment rack - Custom built to reduce micro-vibrations.
    4 Shakti Holograms - one in each corner of the room.
    10 Synergistic Research HFT's
    Synergistic Research Purple fuses in all electronics. 
    Tweaks galore - with a concentration on reducing micro-vibrations, and cleaning up the AC power throughout the system. 
    All connections have been treated with Perfect Path Technologies Total Contact contact enhancer.
    All components are using the Omega E Mats ... including two E Mats in the circuit breaker box. (Highly recommended)
    • Legacy Audio Signature III's
    The Legacy Signature III's perform WAY above their price point. 94db efficient, the ARC REF-75 SE just coasts through all kinds of music. This speaker is no longer made, but they can be found on the used market for good prices.  They sound their best with tube electronics. The only change made to the speakers was to change out the stock binding posts with Cardas' best copper binding posts. The speakers are bi-wired with Von Gaylord Audio speaker cables.
    • Perfect Path Technologies The Gate
    This is the ONE thing I would buy if I were just starting out on the tweaking quest. The Gate is no joke. It transformed an already great system into something that is indescribable. Retails for $5,000 and performs well beyond it's price point.
    • Perfect Path Technologies Omega E-Mats, Total Contact contact enhancer, Alpha E-Cards.
    These products work really well with The Gate. The effect is cumulative. The more you add, the better the sound. The Perfect Path products reduce RFI to the level of being non-existent. With The Gate cleaning up the power throughout the entire house, the lowering of the noise floor of the audio system is amazing. The TV system too.

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Good morning, I believe you are somewhat the expert on Audio research cd players.
Could I ask your advice on one? I thinking about purchasing a used CD5, I currently own both a Arcam cd192 and a Arcam FMJcd37,  and an Audio research LS17se and a pair of harbeth SHL5+
I dont know what the CD5 will bring to the table? how it will sound compared to the other arcams? both my arcams do sound different, the cd37 is very clear as it is a DSD SACD player but a little souless, the 192 is a great player but i feel doesnt reveal everything on the cd.
I have been told the cd5 is awesome and my budget will only stretch to this used one I have my eyes on.


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Is that a pear audio turntable?


Great looking system, OP. Very impressive record collection, too!  I appreciate our contributions to the threads.


Damn OP, you gotta get another coupla pair of the silver handles, so's the ARC's all match! Nice room, bet your system sounds great. Coincidently, I was born in S. CA, and lived there again from 1979 until this past February, and now have relocated (for the final time) to Vancouver, just across the river from Portland Oregon. There are two drummers I knew in L.A. who have done the same. Portland is VERY hip! There's a good record store here, too. Music Millennium, which has two rooms of LP's! Not as good as Amoeba Music in Hollywood (few are), but good enough.


I have an opportunity to pick up an ART9 for $800 brand new.  Great deal?


Poppa, I was born and raised in SoCal, moved to the Northwest around age 22. I've never been back, and I'm 69 now. Time flies when you're having fun.


Ag insider logo xs@2xislandmandan

Hi,Dan ...

Thanks for the kind words. 

I've lived in Southern California my entire live, except for one year when I lived in Oregon ... 2000 - 2001.  Somehow the "Oregonpapa" name seemed to stay with me. 

I've been to Whidbey Island ... and have an old friend who moved there just for the salmon and halibut fishing. I've lost touch with him at this point. 

The system is very highly resolving ... but I must say, everything I've put in my posts regarding the SR Black fuses is true and not exaggerated in any way. They have brought my system to a level that I never thought possible. 

Take care ...


Hello Papa,

I've been following your threads here for a while, it's good to see your fine system. I have some audio buddies in Portland, we trade visits sporadically, as it's a 5-6 hour drive to my home on Whidbey Island.

I believe your system would be a very enjoyable listen, I can imagine you are very satisfied, and get much pleasure from it.


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Hi, ... Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I've updated my pictures. 
Have a look. :-)


Heard a lot of good things about your cartridge, and love the rest of your equipment.  I believe you forgot to list your speakers, and pictures would be nice. Followed your thread on fuses and was convinced to try the SR Blacks, hope I see the improvements that most have. Thanks for posting. All the Best


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