Recently upgraded with a new set of speakers, this is my hifi system in my living room.  The room is far from perfect, but it's not terrible either.  Been dialing in the speaker position recently.

Room Details

Dimensions: 0’ × 0’  Small
Ceiling: 0’

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    • Lyra Delos
    MC phono cartridge
    • Michell Engineering Tecnodec
    • Wilson Audio Sophia mkII
    • Cardas Audio Cross
    Speaker Cable
    • Devialet Expert Pro 220 Core Infinify

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Could you give a spec or supplier for the rods?? I may be viewing it wrong but It looks like the threads are more like a barber pole as opposed to a standard threaded tube. Am I correct? Thanks again


Stunning shelf unit. It's what I need. Thanks for the description. Nice job. If I build one, I plan to use Finland Birch Play and attempt to match my Shihanian Double Eagle Woofers. 
How do you like the Delos? I have a Lydian II that needs to be replaced. Thanks again