Optimizing an audiophile system in a small NYC apartment is a challenge, but I've essentially converted a small bedroom into a dedicated listening space and am making good progress!

Room Details

Dimensions: 11’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Omega Speaker Systems Customshop Super Alnico Monitor XRS
    • First Watt SIT-3
    • First Watt F2/J
    • Line Magnetic LM-218IA
    • Don Sachs Model 2
    • Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL MZ2
    • MHDT Laboratory Istanbul
    • Border Patrol USB DAC SE
    • Pro-Ject Audio Systems Streambox S2 Ultra
    • REL Acoustics T/5i
    • REL Acoustics T/zero
    • Morrow Audio SP-7
    • AudioQuest Columbia int
    • Equi=Tech Equi=Core 1800
    • Keces P8 Linear Power Supply

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I want to add a follow up note to my comments below regarding the SIT-3, just in case it's of use to anyone interested in this topic.  My Omega speakers are 8 ohms; I tried putting 8 ohm resistors in parallel with the speakers, effectively reducing the load the amp sees to 4 ohms, and the SIT-3 behaves like a totally different, much happier amp!  

This amp *really* likes a linear, 4 ohm load.  An inexpensive tweak to try if you are running the SIT-3 with 8 or 10 ohm speakers.


@jeff1225 Thanks for your kind words.  In my system, I prefer the F2/J to the SIT-3.  That may seem unusual considering the vaunted reputation of the SIT-3, but one must keep in mind that the F2/J's unique topology was literally designed for single driver, crossover-less speakers like mine.  I won't go into the details here, but if you've read up on the F2/J's design, it's really unique and has huge advantages when paired with single driver speakers.  In my system, it sounds expansive, relaxed and "boosted" in the highs and lows, the latter due to the way its unique design ignores the impedance curves of my speakers.

The SIT-3, on the other hand, seems finicky about what speakers (and loads) it plays well with.  I think it likes very linear, 4ohm loads; my speakers probably have some impedance swings it doesn't like.  It sounds just a little restricted in my system - but very vivid, and lit-from-within.  It's a fine amp, but synergy is super important, and in that aspect the F2/J wins out.

I do have a Don Sachs Model 2 preamp on the way, so I'll give that a try and see if it doesn't get more out of the low-gain SIT-3 than my LTA MZ2 does.


Nice system! What are your thoughts regarding the First Watt F2/J vs the First Watt SIT-3?


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