There is nothing off the shelf in this system. Every item has been hand selected tuned and tweaked with one purpose in mind; Producing the best sound reproduction possible. The dedicated listening room has isolated walls. A custom step down isolation transformer powers the system. Custom room treatments absorb and diffuse sound. The speakers are actively and passively bi-amped with a single ended amp on the horn and a push pull amp for the bass. The speakers are time aligned after the x-over and amplifiers. Improvements over the years are very slow as I long passed the point of diminishing returns.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Music Server Custom
    Fanless music server. Intel motherboard with optimized Windows XP. Custom I2C interface with low ppm clock and dedicated power supply.
    • NOS 16-bit R2R Custom
    Non-oversampling 16-bit R2R DAC. I2C input only. Non-traditional brick wall filter. Transformer coupled tube output stage with Electra-Print custom output transformers.
    • Alma Audio Diety
    Low gain single tube stage transformer coupled preamp with wireless remote control. Custom Electra-Print output transformers. Left and Right channel components matched to 0.1%
    • Single Ended 300B Custom
    Single Ended 300B amplifier with low gain drivers stage. Mercury vapor rectifier. AC filaments with less than 1mV residual hum. Plitron output transformers.
    • Push Pull 6V6 Custom
    10 Watts per channel.  No Global feedback.  Just wow!
    • Altec / TAD Custom
    Dual Altec 416 in ported cabinet. TAD 4002 compression driver on a RCA World's Fair Horn.
    • Pro-Ject 5.1
    Pro-Ject 5.1 TT with TIZO 35mm Acrylic platter, Cardas Litz tonearm wire, CNC copper RCA jacks, and Ortofon Blue cartridge.

Comments 11

This looks like an amazing system. If you're in Austin, I'd love to come and have a listen!


Awesome system that I've been fortunate to hear. The fact that's it's all DIY makes it that much better...


Thanks for the comments.  

The preamp is not a kit just some OCD handiwork I put together.  

The interstage in the Push-Pull amp is truly the way to go for splitting phase.  The sound is truly effortless.  


Nice system.  I've heard it and it is very good.  It will be magical in a larger room, IMO.


I am located in Austin.


Wonderful that they sound SO good in such a modest room!
They can only sound better as you go larger...that's value!!

As a fellow new TEXAS resident i too would like to know where in TX. you are...

Ag insider logo xs@2xazjake

Very nice system and congrats on the builds! Can you tell me if your preamp is a kit and where I can find it? Thanks much.


You should be really proud of this. I'll bet it sounds sublime.


Nice. Also nice touch building your Push Pull amp with interstage transformer splitting the the signal. I am guessing your sound is very tactile dynamic and immediate. Regards Jet


Congratulations; looking really good!

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Terrific looking system, congrats on your builds! Where are you located in Texas?


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