Trying to build the musical system

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Dimensions: 24’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Avantgarde Mezzo XD
    • Tannoy Canterbury Gold Reference
    • Tannoy Westminster Royal
    Westminster Royal Gold Reference
    • Shindo Vosne-Romanee
    Lovely tube sounds
    • Tenor S175
    The BEST
    • Harbeth M40.1
    Worlds best Speaker
    • Kronos Sparta
    Ultimate Analog
    • Air Tight ATM-3
    • Air Tight ATC-2
    • EMM Labs CDSA SE
    • Kronos Sparta
    • DeVore Fidelity O/96
    • PMC IB2i
    • Sonus Faber Cremona Elipsa
    • Vienna Acoustics The Music
    • Air Tight ATE-2 & ATH3
    Phono stage plus Step up transformer
    • Kondo AudioNote Japan Overture 2
    • Luxman L595 A Special Edition
    • Bakoon 13r
    • Harbeth SHL5
    • Harbeth C7XD
    • Harbeth M40.3XD

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Avantgarde, Harbeth and Air Tight... OH MY!

Fantastic selection of gear.  One of my top 3 systems on Audiogon, or on any forum for that matter... Bravo!


What amps have you used with your 40.1's that brought you the most satisfaction?  I've moved from the VAC 70/70 Signature to a VAC Phi 200... both quite good, just different flavors with the 70/70 excelling with vocals and jazz, while the Phi 200 being more neutral and performing better with rock and providing a quieter, blacker background.


What amp/pre combo are you using to power your M-40.1's?