My system in a loft open to the rest of the house.

The 2A3 amp drives the Heils and the Quickies drive the Altecs.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 11’

Components Toggle details

    • Rega Apollo
    Top loader circa 2009
    • Well Tempered Labs Amadeus MKII
    Golf ball on a string
    • Ortofon Rondo Red
    • Custom DIY 12B4 Preamplifier
    Made by an extremely competent A'Gon member, custom design and meticulous construction. Just a work of art! and sounds sublime.
    • DIY WECO 91A Clone
    6C6 pentodes driving 2A3 triodes, single ended
    • Quicksilver M-60
    Parallel Push Pull EL34s, solid like a rock
    • DIY Ponginae P / 99
    Altec 416 and Heil AMT.
    9 cu/ft Baltic Birch ply cabinet covered with black Formica top, back and sides and hickory veneer baffle. I coated the baffle with pour-on clear coat epoxy for a nice glossy finish
    • Palisar Mellow
    Gotta have comfy chairs!
    • First Watt B4
    Active Crossover
    • Pass Labs Ono Phono
    Phono Stage

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Awesome system, not sure about the blue LED's under that chairs though.