Hello all!! Currently living in Australia, and just wanted to share my system. Nothing at all like the mega buck systems I have seen on here, but at this point I am extremely happy with the sound. Everything seems to work in harmony, which leads to an excellent listening experience. This system has taken a year or so to put together, started with a NAD 3020D amplifier and some ELAC speakers. Had some lower end Martin Logans, and for bit was running a tube amplifier. Moved on to a Rega BrioR and then to the current Primare. I also added an Isotek Solus power conditioner to the mix. Any and all comments are welcome. Thank you.

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    • Cambridge Audio CXN
    Network Streamer
    • Primare I22
    Integrated amplifier and built in DAC
    • Dynaudio Focus 160
    Excellent medium sized stand mount speaker
    • Wireworld Starlight 7
    Co Axial Digital
    • The Chord Company Rumour 2
    5m runs terminated with Chord bananas
    • Agora Acoustics MagicHexa
    Vibration control
    • Isotek Solus
    Power Conditioner

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Hi Ron,

Welcome! Your setup looks great! Hello from Canada. How do you like your Cambridge Audio CXN? Was looking at this for a Network piece. Currently, I use a simple Airport Express with a 24/96 Monarcchy Audio Digital Interface Processor and a PS Audio DL3 DAC. Will have my system up on Audiogon soon, hopefully before Christmas.