Hey Audiogoners,

It's been several years since I uploaded a photo so here's the latest.

Still enjoying my classic, oldie goldie equipment as much as ever, with no audio upgrades planned. Buy once and be happy, without chasing the holy grail, continues to be my motto.

Went all digital last year saying goodbye to my LP12 and a myriad of pristine vinyl. iPod has changed me forever.

Recently upgraded the television and blu-ray player.

Nonetheless, all this equipment is just a means to an end to massive music enjoyment. I do not need an expensive system to enjoy music as I've learned with other, much less expensive, audio gear, in other rooms of the house.

Feel free to share your comments.



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    • Linn LK-140
    One of my beloved Linn amplifiers in the perfect size.
    • Linn Kolektor
    The mate to the Linn LK140 amplifier, in a nice small size.
    • Linn Genki
    Another part of the Linn family and small sizes.
    • Thiel Audio CS-2
    My Thiel's in oak finish.
    • Audioquest Crystal
    Nice speaker cables.
    • Apple iPad Mini
    This is my music streamer, connected to iTunes Match and iCloud.
    • Apple Universal Dock w/ Remote
    Never any worries about charging with the convenience of remote control.
    • Linn LK-85
    The little brother of the LK140.
    • Linn Kolektor
    This is Kolektor #2.
    • Bang & Olufsen RL-60
    Great, easy to drive 8 ohm speakers.

    Not shown as they are wall mounted in the library.
    • Monster The Original
    The first Monster cable ever sold, by high end dealers only, back in the day.
    • Apple iPhone 4S
    Turned into a iPod Touch as user as a music streamer with the library Linn system.
    • Apple Universal Dock w/ Remote
    Again, never any worries about charging.
    • Sony 4K Television 43X83OC
    The biggest flat panel I can fit in the custom space.
    • Sony 4K Upsampling Blu-Ray Player BDP-S6500
    A nice disc player for the money.

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16f4...thanks so much!  You summarized my approach perfectly.

My wife designed the cabinet when we built our home back in '96.  At the time, we only had a 32" CRT TV so now we can only fit a 43" flat screen...but no biggie as a low level TV watcher.

Happy listening!


Love your music philosophy.  Why spend all your time and money chasing equipment, it just takes time away from music. Buy good quality stuff that will last you a long time and get on with it. And such a beautiful cabinet!



Indeed! It's about music enjoyment, not spending money like a drunk, only to come full circle. Seen numerous posts like this over the years.

I've heard massively expensive systems all over the country and I'm rarely impressed at how much better they sound than mine. Pretty crazy stuff!


I really like how everything is ceiling mounted!

Seriously though a nice "vintage" set-up


Looks like you're heels over head (literally ;-) happy with the system.


if ur happy n enjoying it all, that's all that matters.


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