I haven't listed a few more details.

I'm using Pass Labs XVR 1 active crossover.

Avantgardes and Lamm getting signal above 80 Hz, and JL Subs- below

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Hanss T-60
    magnetically- suspended platter and suspension
    • Graham Engineering Phantom Supreme II
    • Koetsu Urushi Blue
    MC cartridge
    • Tron Syren II Ultimate
    Full- function tube preamplifier.
    Silver transformers and wiring
    • Lamm Industries ML-2
    • Avantgarde Duo Omega G2
    horn- loaded
    • SRA Scuttle
    Double- wide
    • Shindo Labs Vosne-Romanee
    Full- function preamplifier with MM/MC phono stage
    • Galibier Design Gavia Mk 1.5

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BAT rex is probably one of the best line stages, I've had in my system- very natural sound with no obvous omissions and no commissions. Very dynamic and detailed, at the same time avoiding being analytical or lean. Great texture and tone.


Pcosta- Syren II is beautiful. Dead quiet in my 108 dB sensitive system, otstanding resolution, combined with very engaging and "musical" presentation, a trick, that in my experience is very difficult to pull.
I've had my share of preamplifiers: three different Suprateks, BAT REX, Doshi Alaap, Joule Electra ME-450, VAC Signature IIa.
Tron Syren II Ultimate(Ultimate upgrade includes all silver wiring, silver WBT connectors and silver-wired transformers), is the best one by a significant margin, very expensive, but worth it.
The ICs from Tron to power amps are about 15 ft. long- not a problem at all.
Charles1dad, Roxy54- thank you for your kind words.


Hanss is very new, so I'm just getting a handle on it.
I feel, it does bass better, than Verdier, and has more organic presentation.
The weak point of Verdier is the motor- mine was converted to battery operation, but still.
I would imagine, that with a state of the art motor and controller, it would have been a better TT, but I never gotten around to actually doing it.
Genius of Verdier is the simplicity of the design.
Anyhow, Hanss T-60 is very well made, and overall is probably somewhat better, than Verdier, that now is sold for $15 K with an MDF plinth (mine was with the more expensive Granito)
Speed stability is very good, it has huge, partially magnetically-suspended platter, provisions for two tonearms, magnetic suspension, that is also adjustable and two motors. It isn't tweaky neither.
For the asking price, it's a pretty good deal.
To get much better, one would need to shop in at least $15-30 K price range