Finally have a dedicated room for my stereo. Makes a big difference to get it just the way I like. No WAF to contend with in my room now.

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    • Audio Research LS-9
    Purchased used on Audiogon
    • Classe Audio CA-300
    Bought this amp used for $1650 on audiogon. Has plenty of juice for my speakers.
    • Krell SBP-32x
    Bought used on Audigon
    • Cambridge Audio AZUR 640C
    Used as a transport.
    • Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Reference
    I like these speakers for the money.
    • Tyler Acoustics Taylo Bass
    Bought this used for $750. Smooth bass...not at all boomy or overbearing.
    • Audio Power Industries Power Wedge Ultra 115
    Paid $750 for used.
    • Maple Shade Sampson
    Purchased a custom rack with 6 shelves and an oversized amp stand with Isoblocks. All wood is 2 inch thick as the 4 inch was too pricey. Purchased B-stock shelves for rack to keep cost well under $2,000
    • Harman Kardon Early 1960's Citation II
    Paid $900 in 2003. Sounds good for an old time product. I think these went for around $350 back in the 60's when they were new. Rarely plugged in but it's nice to have a tube amp for some music.
    • Jolida JD-402
    Tube tuner
    • Music Hall mmf 2.1
    I bought this a couple years ago. If I stick with vinyl, I will buy a better table.
    • Parasound Halo P3
    Used for the phono section into my other pre-amp
    • Signal Cable / Audio Quest miscellaneous
    Power cables and speaker wire are Signal Cable brand. Interconnects are Signal Cable and AudioQuest.

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What's the monitor for? is that for a computer playing MP3s I wonder?

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