How I play my 5000 odd LP's.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 23’  Large
Ceiling: 7’

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    • TW Raven AC-3 with BN platter
    3 motor German turntable
    • Thales Audio Simplicity II
    tangential tracking tonearm - just superb
    • Technics TECHNICS SL-1000MK3D SP10-MK3 SH-10B5 Plinth.
    Classic Technics table
    • Graham Engineering Phantom B 44
    • Exclusive P3
    Wonderful sounding turntable from 1979
    • Exclusive P10
    Great sounding vintage 1979 DD table, 2nd to the P3.
    • Lyra ATLAS SL
    phono cartridge
    • Lyra Etna SL
    phono cartridge
    • Dynavector DRT XV-1s
    top of the line dynavector cartridge
    • Ortofon MC A90 anniversary
    absolutely reference grade cartridge that sounds like your system.
    • Linn LP-12 Lingo
    LP12 TT with Naim ARO arm
    • Lyra Delos
    overachieving entry level lyra cart - plays higher than its price
    • Denon ESC 103R
    • Ortofon SPU Classic GM E MKII
    enough said
    • Ortofon SPU Royal GM
    • Nordost Valhalla
    between turntable and phono stage
    • Accuphase C-37
    3 input phono stage
    • TW Acustik Phono
    3 input pure tube phono section with 6 impedance settings. Very quiet for a full tube gain phono stage
    • Esoteric E-03
    two input phono stage
    • Ortofon Verto Set-Up Transformer
    excellent SUT for the SPU's
    • Conrad Johnson GAT
    very nice preamp
    • Deqx HDP-4
    DSP speaker and room correction. especially good at correcting and eq of bass
    • Nordost Tyr 6m
    ic between pre and power
    • D'Agostino Momentum Stereo
    SS amp
    • Conrad Johnson premier 8A with cj teflon upgrades
    275 watt monoblocks brought up to date with cj factory teflon cap upgrade
    • Wilson Audio Maxx 3
    Gentle Giant
    • Nordost Tyr
    • Kimber KS-3033
    8ft speaker cable
    • Transparent MM Reference XL-V
    speaker cable
    • Orb DF-02
    Japan's Orb make the Air Tight LP flattener. This is the new Japan model for flattening those warped and dished LP's
    • TW Acustik / Hannl Ultra
    rebadged Hannl - same as Acustech Ultra - excellent and quiet but takes longer than nitty gritty
    • Yamaha CDR-HD1300
    yamaha hard disc recorder with 80 gb disc drive and cd player. great for dubbing vinyl to CD

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Hi Downunder,

Marvelous system. You are unique in having excellent belt drive and direct drive turntables. Curious to hear what are the differences between your Exclusive P3 and the TW Raven and how you go about using all 3 TT's.


Hi Downunder,

Have a question regarding Exclusive P3 vs P10. You are in a unique position since you own both. Nice! How much better is the p3 vs the P10. In other words, if I had to chose between a p10 vs P3 and the P3 costs USD$2000 more, should I go for the P3?
Also, Is the P3a significantly better i.e. If you found a P3a would you upgrade?
Finally, what cartridges work with the P3 arm. Can you use low compliance heavy cartridges like Ortofon SPU's?