A well balanced system - Split into two sections one Tubed, and one Solid State, all I do is switch the speaker cables at the amplifier end to change between the two.

The solid state section are all my own designs the tubed section are collected over a few years from trade in's etc.

I like the sound form both sections of the system, but listen mostly to the solid-state as I find it more accurate. It's lightening fast, ultra dynamic and have tremendous resolving capabilities, all the components are the best we make.

The Tubed section sounds a tad bit "warmer" but also "slower" Nice for a late evening listening session over a nice bottle of Wine with good friends.

The room is approximately 20 ft by 20 ft with 9 ft ceiling, I converted our garage into this music room. Quite a big job required moving the water heater and the air-conditioning pump to the other side of the house, moving the condenser / furnace unit up in the attic created above the listening room - rerouting a 1" gas line to above the rafters too.

Eliminating the garage door replacing it with a wall made form 6" studs, putting in windows etc, also I had to move the side door into the garage to allow the correct layout of the room that also serve as my home office.

Then came time to redo all the electrical, decided to make a separate sub panel for most of the rest of the house then running all my separate lines from the main panel to the outlets. I decided to run 6 separate 117V lines and 2 separate 220V lines.

I also thickened the walls in the room by adding 2 x 3 studs to the existing 2 x 4 to make 6" thick walls. The walls are insulated with 6" thick glass fiber pads.

For better acoustics and a more rustic look I decided to put a tongue and groove ceiling above the rafters, then lining them with 1" lumber to create the illusion of 4 x 6 beams across the ceiling.

The floor had to be leveled, there was a about 4" fall towards the front wall where the garage door used to be. I put in tile for the beauty ease of cleaning. I solved the acoustical issues by a large throw rug in front between the speakers, its about 12 feet by 9 feet.

The system is set up so that a Home theater system will be "added" to the main stereo system in the way that the L/R out of the Processor will feed a input on the Preamplifier, the rest of the channels will be fed from the processor directly. I have put in 4 in wall speakers, basically our Monitor and in the two front corners I custom made sub woofers to fit. Working on the center channel which will fit right below the TV.

There is a screen mounted on the ceiling that drops down in front of the TV, the projector is a ceiling mount Mitsubishi - hope to get the HT system up and running soon.

More to follow later

Good Listening


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    • PBN Audio PX
    Fully Differential Phono Stage featuring our ALL FET circuit. User selectable MM/MC setting 6 Resistive loads and 4 Capacitive loads. 50dB MM gain and 70dB MC gain. Separate power supply with 2 ea 375VA transformers, one for each channel with separate windings for each node. Power supply also have 8 each 4H chokes
    • PBN Audio DX
    Fully differential DAC with 4 BurrBrown 1704U grade DAC chips. ALL Fet I-V converters, Filter, Output buffer and fully discrete Voltage regulators. Full Size Power-supply with 400VA transformer with separate Secondaries for each channel as well as for the Digital section
    • PBN Audio LX
    Fully Differential Line stage featuring our ALL FET circuit , 3 Balanced Inputs, 2 RCA Inputs and Balanced, RCA and 75 Ohm BNC Outputs. Separate Power supply with two 375VA transformers one for each channel with separate windings for each node. Powersupply have 8 each 5H Chokes. Remote control for Volume and Mute
    • PBN Audio Olympia AX
    Fully Differential ALL Fet power amplifier 220WPC in Stereo mode / 800WPC in Differential mode. Featuring 10 pairs of closely matched MosFet output devices per Node / Channel. A 4KVA Transformer, with separate windings for each node. Distributed node power supply capacitance, with Electrolytic, Metalized Film as well as Film Foil capacitors, caps get smaller and faster the closer we get to the output FET.

    Front end features discrete on board voltage regulators.
    • Montana Sammy
    • Montana Loudspeakers, a Division of PBN Audio, LLC Hadley
    4 x 10
    • Kimber 16TC
    Custom made 12TC with a 4TC in the core, just to get more copper.
    • Fusion Design - PBN Audio Custom
    All Steel construction, SandFilled, with Solid Maple shelves mounted on vibration absorbing dampers.
    • Lexicon MC-12b
    A nice older piece don't use it for video switching only the audio decoding
    • PBN Audio EB-SA1
    125WPC or 400WPC as a Mono-block, All-FET Circuitry, used in Mono mode to drive the Center Channel
    • Microseiki DDX-1500
    Refurbished DDX1500 fitted with a Ortofon RS309D. Plinth honed from solid musical instrument grade Sapelle, it alone weighs in at 38 lbs. Finished to a mirror like finish.
    • PBN Audio GroooveMaster Vintage Direct SP10 MK3 Technics SP10 MK3
    The granddaddy of the Vintage Direct Drives fitted with a SME312S and Steve Blinn Isopeds.  Vinyl Playback really does not get any better than this.
    • PBN Audio / Seas CX871 Loudspeaker System CX 871
    3 Way Coax System featuring the H1299 Coax driver and two of the H1208 Woofers 
    Plans and schematics will be on our website soon
    • PBN Audio The Tachometer
    Speed indicator for Turntables - displays to 3 decimal points the actual speed of the platter rotation. A small magnet is glued to the underside of the platter which in turn it read by a hall effect sensor.

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Looking good Peter!  Hope all is well.


  Awesome setup! I still remember how much I enjoyed listing to your system. Like I have told you before you built some of the best audio gear around. Great job!



NICE Peter. Good to see your system.

Ag insider logo xs@2xalbertporter


Yes the speakers in the picture is Sammy's Let me know next time your in town and you are more then welcome to give the system a listen.

Good Listening



Amazing set-up Peter! I can't wait to get the Sammys in my system on Monday. Are those Sammys in the picture.

Maybe next time in San Diego I could get a listen to an entire PBN system 😃


Amazing set-up Peter!



Thanks so much for the nice comments, I reposted the system on request from folks wanting to convert their garages into listening rooms also.

Im redoing the page so it will be more up to date shortly with a more recent photos as well.

Good Listening



You have gone to a lot of trouble to set up your system page.

The description of what you did to your garage to convert it into a music room made good reading. Providing images of each of your main components along with a useful description is much appreciated.

A very enjoyable page. Thanks for taking the time.



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