I have thousands of LPs to feed my passion. I like rock, jazz, folk, electronic and Avant-garde music of all types.

I'd like to try a tube phono amp or tube pre amp at some point. My listening area has 9' ceilings and is approx. 18' X 22'.

I want to develop my system so as to accommodate as much of my vinyl as possible. Any suggestions are welcome.

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    • Sota Sapphire basic
    The price was right and the sound profound
    • Clearaudio Beta/S Arum mm cartridge
    Found on the Gon.
    • Sumiko MMT-classic
    Came with the turntable.
    • Aragon 47K Phono Pre.
    Does a nice job but I think the future is in tubes. Accommodates a variety of cartridges.
    • VPI HW-17F
    Vacuum Record Cleaner. If I had owned one of these 10 years ago I would have twice the vinyl I do now!
    • McIntosh MC-275
    I paid the same price for new at a house sale! Makes my vinyl ears very happy.
    • McIntosh C-39
    A bargain picked up at a house sale. Allows me to listen to all of my sources, reel to reel, cassette, turntables, tuner etc.
    • Vandersteen 2ce
    Great all around speaker. Helps me shed the tensions of life! Another house sale bargain.
    • VPI Industries HW-19 mkIII
    A surprise gift from my girlfriend along with a phono preamp(aragon 47).Yeah...I better marry her fast
    • VPI Industries PLC
    Turntable only.
    • grado Platinum
    • Rotel RCD-971
    Makes CDs listenable.
    • MIT 3
    No complaints.
    • Kimber 8TC
    Bi-Wire cables.
    • Rotel RT 1080
    Decent FM finally!
    • Nakamichi RX-505
    Excellent tape deck. I still mix tapes and will as long as this deck holds up.
    • Marantz CDR-632
    CD Player/Recorder
    • Monster 1100
    SurgeGuard and Stage 2 Filtering
    • Teac A-6600
    Reel To Reel. Good for recording 'Stars End" from 1:00 am through 6:00 am on WXPN.
    • Sennheiser Headphones HD-600
    Best headphone I've used!
    • VESTAX Handytrax
    Portable turntable. For fleamarkets and thrift stores. Allows me to sample the goods before buying. Great purchase!
    • Salamander Archetype 5.0 & 3.0
    Good enough for all components except turntable.

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From component to component and reel to shinning reel, a very nice system. As you comment in having the Mac pre amp, it allows the use of so many of your components. Happy listening.


beautiful system i must say!


Is that a custom rack you made for all your vinyl?


i have had totems for many years now. i used to have the model 1's, arros, and now have a couple of pairs of mani 2's and their in-walls. i prefer totem speakers.


I actually purchased a pair of Mission MK 70s for the same price leaving the mites because of the dimple in the one tweeter. After I got home I researched the Totems and realized I might have made a mistake. Sure they would be gone I went back later that afternoon and lucked up.

They now reside in my bedroom system and I couldn't be happier. I have them hooked up to an old Adcom 555 amp and I'm amazed at what they can do. I'm going to have to audition the rest of their line to see what's what.


i was reading a reply of yours and you had a great find in the mites!


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