My modest system.

Room Details

Dimensions: 28’ × 24’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Trinnov Audio Alititude 16
    One of the finest Preamps out that does room corrects including phase in ms, the results in 2 channel are stunning, that above all else made this fantastic purchase. What it does for my HT is jaw dropping, every speaker is so precisely placed in TIME and space, my system easily beats commercial cinemas. Only purpose built HT rooms can compete. I was initially told that my Classe CT-SSP was on par though it was a fully manual setup, and I would not hear that much of a difference, how wrong they were. You can toggle off the room correction off to listen to the room Un-adjusted, its very good, turn it back on and it simply transforms to a much bigger space, both depth and width\height. Tightness of bass
    • Classe Omega Mono
    • Wilson Audio Sophia
    • Classe CA-M400
    • Wilson Audio Watch Center 3
    • Proceed AMP-5
    surrounds only.
    • JL Audio F112
    • Wilson Audio WATCH Surround 2
    • Response Audio Response Audio Reference
    Dual mono power supply external power supply, 12AU7, output, Khozmo 48 step volume, transformer balanced in and outs.
    • Micro Seiki RX-1500
    Plinth weight, platter weight, motor base.
    • ZYX Premium
    • Morch DP8
    12" arm, blue dot (heavy)
    • Linn MAJIK DS
    Yes, this is not a CD PLAYER, but it plays my cd's ripped to a library.

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Great visit yesterday - the new Wilsons are singing and letting your analog source strut it's stuff. Time to update your system!


Am impressed and inspired by your dedication to the hobby over the past 6 months. Your built to order preamp and massive power supply with purist signal path, upgraded phono amp, re-built speaker crossovers, two turntables, and three (or is it going to be four?) cartridge evolution - what's next?

Keep us current on your future audio projects...


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