This is the newly re-aligned small upstairs room (10x11) with many functions that still includes listening. New pictures are needed for the changed system (coming soon).

Room Details

Dimensions: 11’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Wadia 301
    Straightforward presentation of what makes Wadia great with 1704 DAC chip.
    • Slimdevices (Logitech) Transporter
    Incredibly versatile with many inputs/output. The DAC still sounds great.

    Ethernet connection to my server with over 1,600 FLAC albums ripped from CDs and hi-def downloads. With internet streaming on top, the musical world is my oyster!!!
    • Levinson No-360s
    Original 360S from Madrigal Group. Very natural, engaging sound, with the 1704 DAC chip.
    • Horneshoppe The Truth Pre Amp
    Uses photo cells for volume control. Just lets the signal go through!
    • David Berning Co Protoype 1.5W Set with 6LU8 Tubes
    Yes.  The first watt is the most important, and this is clear, clean sound. Wonderful design.  Thanks, David.

    Can't believe the tubes have lasted for years, and years, and years.
    • WLM Loudspeakers Diva Floostander
    Coaxial drivers (tweeter and mid) delivers time aligned sound in my small room, with bottom bass port. 97dB sensitivity. The tweeter and bass are adjustable. Great imaging.
    • Sanyo Plus T35
    Good signal lock capability. Great analog sound.

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I've always had small rooms too. Yours is nice and cosy. Your speakers and electronics seem like a good fit. Very nice indeed!


What Lapierre said. (How you doin by the way?). I was always curious about WLM speakers.


Well done Lefatshe.

Small room with great components.


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