Replaced my entire system within the last year. Previously had an original Linn LP-12 with Sumiko arm and Benz Micro Glider, Audio Research PH3-SE, Audible Illusions Modulus 3, McCormack DNA-1, Rega Planet, MIT interconnects, Magnepan 3.3's, fully reconditioned at the factory and an NAD 4020 tuner.

Finally went the tube route and updated the table and speakers. Much more musical and open. The Einstein seems a much better match since it has 68 db gain compared to the ARC PH3SE with only 54 db.

Very happy at this point. May look at other cartridges, a balanced phono section, and a tubed tuner down the road, but...

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    • VPI Industries Classic 1
    Old school looks, new school sound
    • Benz Micro Gullwing
    low output
    • Einstein The Turntable
    Single-ended, 68 db gain phono section
    • Audio Research Reference 3
    Balanced and single ended connections
    • Audio Research VT-200
    Great, great sound Power is needed for the Maggies
    • Magnum Dynalab FT-101a Etude
    Using with MD ST2 exterior antenna
    • Teac X-1000r
    3.75 and 7.5 ips, nice analog sound. All silver front matches well with ARC equipment
    • Cardas Golden Reference
    Balanced between cd and pre and pre and amp. Others are single ended
    • Audio Research Reference CD-7
    Has updated power supply
    • PS Audio P5 Power Plant
    Power regenerator that converts incoming AC current to DC and then back to AC while offering surge and spike protection.
    • Magnepan 3.7
    Just received. Sounded much more coherent and open in the mids compared to my old 3.3s at the dealer.
    • Harmonic Technology Pro 9
    8', spades &banana plugs for MaggiesNice interface between VT200 and 3.7s

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Thanks.  I made the rack myself with some clear Walnut I found locally.  Since it is all one piece, and nearly 10 feet long, moving it from Ohio to Hawaii in a Matson container was a bit tricky.  But it made it without any damage.


Nice system and set up.
Who makes your LP racks?


Sweet system and great room. Really like the R2R, wish I still had mine. Happy listening.


Hello, Jeff:

Haven't been on here in quite a while (obviously!) but appreciate your comment. Yes, I had a line on some good walnut stock and fabricated this system to display the records much like they would be in a store display. It preserves the jackets, too, as they don't get the wear from sliding the albums in and out when they are stored in the traditional way. It is also easy to group the albums by genre or whatever method you choose while also making selections quicker.


I really like your record storage. Is that something you made, or?


Great system. Looks very thought out. Your room seams to have a cool vibe to. Enjoy the great tunes. And the those 3.7. Trust me you have some of e best speakers in the world. Once they break in your gunna freak with joy.


I have added four photos. Hope they show up properly


VERY nice system. Would love to see some pics...


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