Well, I've been trying to post this for awhile but time has not been on my side. Here is the start of my virtual system and updates will be posted periodically. I've built the system with a pretty minimalist approach. When time allows, I'm constantly working on things and someday it may be done.

As you can see I really enjoy the DIY method. For some reason, it sounds better when you built yourself. Please don't judge the speakers at the moment, they are in the R&D stages still. As of right now, they sound amazing to my ears, I just need the time to finish the final enclosures that will be done in an automotive paint.

Building a system is an interesting thing. What sounds great to one person may not sound great to the next. IMO, what's important is that

it sounds good the you, the builder. Even a live event could sound different to many people but in reality, it's the same event. With that said, I would like to hear more systems for comparison. I have had a couple of Audiogon'rs listen to the system in it's infancy and they where both quite impressed. James Burgess is a friend of mine, who has been a big part of my inspiration for the system, and he was one of them.

I have many more details I will be adding but at the moment I'm short on time. Questions and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

This has been going on for almost 2 years now. In this time I have figured out that I prefer listening to analog over digital. An analog upgrade is in the works. I'm thinking a DIY plinth and DIY bamboo/carbon tonearm. I'm gathering data in my head now and it's coming soon, possibly before the speaker enclosures.....LOL

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry for the bad pics, I'm working on that!!

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    • James Burgess amp co. Bad mofo 1
    1 off 45SET amp 2W/ch custom built in 1920's Receptrad Powerizer amp box. External power supply.
    • Ayon CD-07
    top loading, tube
    • Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena
    Phono pre
    • Music Hall mmf5.1se
    Mapleshade nano mounts and brass isolation spikes.
    • Goldring G-1042
    stock on mmf5.1se
    • Sierra Speaker Werks Single Speed
    DIY single point source drivers, in home built enclosures. Audio Nirvana cast 12". These are still in the RD stages. Details coming soon.
    • Sierra Speaker Werks PV-1
    DIY passive volume control in custom cigar box. DACT attenuater and source switch.Cardes RCA'sand silver wire.
    • Morrow Audio MA-1
    all cut to custom length.
    • Sierra Speaker Werks SP none
    DIY, very minimal, multi strand, copper wire (24ga) Experimented with a lot of stuff. So far this is the best to me. The BASS came alive with no loss on the top.
    • Audio Electronic Supply AE-3
    Hovland Musicaps, Audiocap Theta's, Grayhill silver selector switch, Tung-sol tubes

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1gear - Great looking system. I can relate to what you say about keeping things simple as I have found the same with my system.