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Dimensions: 12’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 16’

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    • Sota Deluxe Sapphire
    a workhorse
    • Rega RB-300
    modded with silver tonearm cable, counterwright upgrade
    • Dynavector 10x5
    High output MC, much nicer than the Grado Platinum
    • Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+
    Good phono pre with adjustable loading. Run, don't walk to replace the stock DC SMPS with a 24V LPS power supply
    • NUC8i7BNH Euphony server
    Preferred player Stylus with occasional use of Roon
    • Lush Lush 2 USB cable
    USB 2.0 with Faraday cage shield grounding options. It works
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. Mojo
    portable USB DAC supporting DSD. Performs far better than the multibit Gungnir did
    In my system.
    • Kimber Kable Hero ic
    Prefer this to the Wireworld Equinox 6 & 7's I was using, better instrument separation
    • Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL2
    pre/headphone amp but with the 6.9A from the JS-2 power supply it makes a killer
    1W class A amp to my Magnepans. Now I'm dithering about which 100W amp
    will be able to match its speed and clarity when used as pre amp.
    • Analysis Plus Oval, banana pins
    better than Monster, can't really say more
    • Magnepan MG 1.7,
    love these for their lack of coloration, full range and resolution, Draw backs  size, power inefficient and poor dispersion in the treble. However anything I've liked better
    cost 2~4 times as much.
    • UpTone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply
    Really clean dual DC power supply...  I use this to power the Microzotl 2 and
    the i7 NUC
    • UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1.2
    DC power supply used to externally power Mojo and USB 5v into the Mojo using a Ghent Y cable.

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Can you explain your DLNA setup?

I'm currently using a MacMini into a UltraFi Dac to preamp.