Got the speakers 6/15/11, they and the turntable are the longest owned components in the group.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 21’  Large
Ceiling: 13’

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    • Streamcom FC10 fanless pc
    Custom build to power HQPlayer without overloading.  Powered by a HDPlex 200 Watt linear power supply.
    • AQVOX Internet Switch
    This is a D-Link internet switch modified to audiophile level.  Highly recommended.
    • Sonore mRendu
    Using it as a Roon / HQPlayer end point.  Superb sound.
    • PS Audio DirectStream Dac
    My third dac.  Sounds superb with the Yale firmware.

    I use Audioquest Diamond usb and ethernet cables connecting my nas and the Caps Carbon server to the dac.
    • Wyred For Sound STP-SE
    It sound good with ss or tube amps.
    • Jolida Fusion monoblocks
    Powers the top speakers - full range.  Ballsy and powerful, clean and sweet. Much better bass than I expected.
    • Wyred 4 Sound mAmps
    Very fine class D amps that I am using to drive the lower half of my speakers.  I find that class d is excellent for bass control and bass detail, I like it less for complex midrange and upper frequencies.  I find it a bit skeletal for that.
    • Artemis Audio EOS 2.1
    Two piece units with a two way monitor on top of a large bass unit. Extremely heavy and well made. Superb
    • NBS Monitor IV Speaker Cables
    3 foot lengths - separate positive and negative wires
    • DBX 234xs
    I use this stereo crossover to separate out the low frequencies that I send to the Wyred 4 Sound mAmps.  I run the Jolida Fusion amps directly from the pre-amp, not through this cross-over.

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