I now have to finish the room and...VOILA!..

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    • Oracle CD2000
    Suspended CDT with integral Black Diamond Racing "Shelf for the Source" plinth.
    • Acoustic Revive DSIX
    Powered digital cable with internal isolation transformer(2 ea XLR's and one RCA).
    • Acoustic Revive DPS-1
    Ultra rare PSU for DSIX digital cable.
    • Empirical Audio Pace-Car
    Digital Re-Clocker w/Ultraclock.
    • Revelation Audio Lab Passage Silver DB-25 Reference
    Power cable that connects CDT to PSU.
    • P.S. Audio Perfect Wave
    New gen dac with Minimum Phase and Apodizing filter's(coming soon).
    • Black Diamond Racing Mini Pits.
    Used as an interface between the Source shelf and Apex feet.
    • Acoustic Revive RTP-6 Evolution
    Six outlet conditioner.
    • Acoustic Revive. RTP-2 Ultimate.
    Two-outlet conditioner w/special Oyaide R-1 outlet. 2ea(one for amp and the other for source).
    • Acoustic Revive. RCA-1.0PA
    PCOCC-A Solid-Core.
    • Acoustic Revive XLR-1.0PA
    PCOCC-A single-Core IC(three meter pair).
    • Quantum Symphony Pro/Pro 2x
    Quantum resonance technology that works(3ea). Why? Dunno.
    • Audio Magic Tubed IC
    Active silver IC with ribbon conductor's that utilizes 6922(NOS versions can be substituted)tubes and separate PSU.
    • Audio Magic Digital Mini Stealth
    PLC for CDT/Dac
    • Audio Magic Mini Stealth
    For Intergrated Amp.
    • Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX
    Absorbs RFI/EMI when placed inside component. One each for Dac, Transport and Intergrated.
    • PS Audio PP500
    A/C regenerator for source components.
    • P.S. Audio Power Plant 300 w/Multiwave II
    A/C Regenerator for intergrated amp.
    • P.S. Audio Soloist Premier.
    Clean power starts at the wall. One each for intergrated amp and front-end.
    • P.S. Audio Power Port Premier
    Upgraded A/C outlet for PP300(two channel and Cryoed)and PP500. 5 ea.
    • P.S. Audio Xtreme Statement
    Two meters. I also have two Power Punch in an IEC and C7 version.
    • Oyaide R1
    Highly sought after A/C receptacle(2ea). The amp will have an R1, while the other will serve as the starting point for the digital front-end and supporting accessories.
    • Oyaide SWO-XXX Ultima
    Subordinate only to the R-1(2 ea).
    • Nordost Titanium Pulsar Points
    Used to isolate CDT PSU on Ultra Shelf.
    • Symposium Ultra
    Mini Stealth Ultra to be used with transport PSU.
    • Electraglide Epiphany X
    • Electraglide Classic
    Original and first sub $1k PC that started all the crazy pricing.
    • Blue Circle Audio Blue Circle BC86 Mk 2
    Paralell filter.
    • Acoustic Revive. SIP-8F
    RCA Shorting Plugs.
    • Acoustic Revive. BSIP-2F
    XLR Shorting Plugs.
    • Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11
    • Grand Prix Audio F-1 Formula Shelf
    Carbon/Kevlar composite shelf that provides additional isolation from vibration. One each for the transport, dac and intergrated amp.
    • Grand Prix Audio Monaco Amp
    Filled with Star Sound Micro Bearings.
    • Grand Prix Audio Monaco
    Four-tier rack filled with Star Sound Micro-fill steel bearings.
    • Grand Prix Audio Apex
    Carbon Feet with Nitrile balls. Five Sets.
    • ASC Shadowcaster 2
    Can be used for reflection and absorbtion by turning five integral adjustable tubes. Used primarily at the first reflection point(no longer available).
    • Audio Replas CPC-35SZ
    Reduces resonance on A/C plugs
    • M.I.T. Z1 Stabilizer
    Original Parallel Filter(2ea).
    • Audioprism Ground Control Reference
    Two each.
    • Audioprism Ground Control standard
    RCA. Two each.
    • Audioprism Ground Control Reference
    • Audioprism Ground Control Standard.
    • Merlin Music Systems Merlin Master
    Latest & Greatest.
    • Ars-Sonum Gran
    Coming soon.

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I haven't with this system yet, but did when I had two Pro32's going into the original Lens. A friend had a slew of Audit's/Tactics into his full dCS stack.

Another friend had the PWT(and the friend above)and sold it I was going to get one, but thought why when all is does is store the info in a buffer. Besides, the Oracle looks better.

I would've answered sooner, but my love of Photography and Guitars has taken hold again and both came before audio. I still have to have Bobby@Merlin finish my speakers.


Greetings-wondered if you put the audit/tactic in the system? Ps-highly recommend the PWtransport w/ integrated digital lens. Absolutely phenomenal and a giant killer IMHO. Cheers!


There aren't too many conpanies that offer an upgrade to old equipment and is one of the reasons I like Merlin speakers.


Thanks for that review. I had searched a couple of times but never found much.
I did buy some pairs of AM Liquid Clairvoyant's a while back, directly from Jerry and spoke with him over the phone. (heck of a nice guy). May consider more.
You sure seem pleased enough as to further upgrade them. Very interesting!



Did you read this?:

I have the actual review sample. I'm going to have it upgraded with new cables and a few "doohickey's" inside.


My email is:


Hi Tab,
Are you still using the Audio Magic Tubed IC?
I have been unable to find any information on that unit.
In what position did you place it and what are your impressions?
Is it a "knock out" in your system?


Hey Tabl10s, I wanted to invite you to the Sierra Nevada Audiophile Society Xmas party at my place this Saturday 12/8/12. My Name is Keith Mundy. I live in Land Park. My address is 778 Perkins Way, Sacramento, CA 95818. My phone number is 916 416-5638.

Hope to see you.



I think newer versions will.


Do you know if the Oracle CD2000 plays CDRs?



The '2000 is great. I'm between dacs as of now and need to finish the room. Been a fan since age six(I'm 50) and can't wait for Mayweather to take apart Cotto, Alvarez and Martinez(like all three against other fighter's).


One day.


Alright...I will say it. Your system is a knock out!. Would like to see some pictures of the whole system together. Happy listening.


How does that Oracle transport sound? I have been a fan of the design of their products for over 30 years. I have been tempted to buy the CD2000 or CD2500 just because of how beautiful it is. If I saved the money to get myself a serious DAC, I'd really be in position to buy one.

Congrats on assembling your system.

Are you a pug, ex-pug or a trainer? I'm a huge boxing fan. Great Ali photo.


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