Slowly evolving over time since I started with my very first receiver (JVC-100 w/Ohm 1 loudspeakers). Always looking for ways to upgrade and improve, of course. The most recent purchase being the Emotiva ERC-4 CD/DAC device. The biggest single improvement being to add a 2nd Infinity BU-1 subwoofer. The Bryston has dual "mains" that allowed me to feed the output to the amplifier of the BU-1's. The dbx 118 was inserted between the Bryston and the Infinitys to provide range expansion over the lower frequency cut-off. Eventually a 2nd turntable (currently looking at a Fluance RT-84) with a moving coil cartridge to take advantage of the MC input on the 1B-MC.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Emotiva ERC-4
    Replacement for my 25 yo Carver. My first CD/DAC unit.
    • Hafler DH-200
    Built from kit in 1979 or so. Still going strong!
    • JVC QLA-2 w/Grado Blue
    A nice mid-range unit. Holding out for a Dual or Thorens.
    • Grado Blue-1 MM
    Good solid Moving Magnet cartridge. Update to my semi-retired Grado Black.
    • Infinity Kappa 6
    One of the best mid-size speakers I have heard. Holding out to find a pair of IRS-2 models though.
    • Denon TU-600
    A very nice little tuner that works well in a signal challenged area.
    • Soundcraftsman 2204
    Perhaps the best piece I could have added to my system
    • DBX 21
    DBX Disc playback unit.
    • SAE 5000
    Used to clean up playback of old(er) vinyl that I still enjoy listening to.
    • Kenwood KX-2020
    Solid entry level cassette unit.
    • Infinity BU-1
    Infinity BU-1 Powered Sub to improve the low-end response
    • dbx 3bx ds
    • Bryston 1B-MC
    Replacement for the Carver C-3. Only drawback is no headphone jack, but there are ways around this,
    • DBX 118
    dbx 1st generation range expander (replaced by the model 1B)

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My first mid hi system was Carver amp & preamp. The amp was just fine, but their preamps were not. I suggest you change out the preamp when funds prevail.