Slowly evolving over time since I started with my very first receiver (JVC-100 w/Ohm 1 loudspeakers). Always looking for ways to upgrade and improve, of course. The most recent purchase being the Emotiva ERC-4 CD/DAC device. The biggest single improvement being to add a 2nd Infinity BU-1 subwoofer. The Bryston has dual "mains" that allowed me to feed the output to the amplifier of the BU-1's. The dbx 118 was inserted between the Bryston and the Infinitys to provide range expansion over the lower frequency cut-off. Eventually a 2nd turntable (currently looking at a Fluance RT-84) with a moving coil cartridge to take advantage of the MC input on the 1B-MC.

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Dimensions: 12’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Emotiva ERC-4
    Replacement for my 25 yo Carver. My first CD/DAC unit.
    • Hafler DH-200
    Built from kit in 1979 or so. Still going strong!
    • JVC QLA-2 w/Grado Blue
    A nice mid-range unit. Holding out for a Dual or Thorens.
    • Grado Blue-1 MM
    Good solid Moving Magnet cartridge. Update to my semi-retired Grado Black.
    • Infinity Kappa 6
    One of the best mid-size speakers I have heard. Holding out to find a pair of IRS-2 models though.
    • Denon TU-600
    A very nice little tuner that works well in a signal challenged area.
    • Soundcraftsman 2204
    Perhaps the best piece I could have added to my system
    • DBX 21
    DBX Disc playback unit.
    • SAE 5000
    Used to clean up playback of old(er) vinyl that I still enjoy listening to.
    • Kenwood KX-2020
    Solid entry level cassette unit.
    • Infinity BU-1
    Infinity BU-1 Powered Sub to improve the low-end response
    • dbx 3bx ds
    • Bryston 1B-MC
    Replacement for the Carver C-3. Only drawback is no headphone jack, but there are ways around this,
    • DBX 118
    dbx 1st generation range expander (replaced by the model 1B)

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The Carver C-3 began to show her age with an audible hum at low volumes.With a bonus from work, I started to shop for a replacement preamp. Saw an opportunity on eBay got the Bryston 1B-MC and jumped on it. Unit is in 'pristine' condition (as pristine as one can get for being over 20 years old) and sounds simply amazing! The sound stage opened up (much, much better then the Carver Sonic Holography feature on the C-3) and the sonic detail was simple breathtaking! Sat through and played Miles Davis (Kinda Blue), Steely Dan (Cant Buy a Thrill) and topped it off with Rachmaninoff (Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini). One typically takes a risk on eBay, but this has paid off so far.


System edited: Some cleanup to the system and new additions. The Sub is new and getting ready to be installed. The 'new' TEAC is replacing the Nak BX-1 which has gone through two sets of motors/belts since I purchased it.


@Lowens: I have been very pleased with the C-1. Havent had a single issue other than taking it in for cleaning. Sorry to hear you had issues with yours. :(


System edited: Pictureds added for bragging rights.


System edited: Comments always welcome...