I grew up around high end audio, but only really got into this hobby heavily in 2001 while in college. I've been through more gear than I like to think about and have learned a ton over the last decade.

This current system a culmination of my trial and errors.

I wanted to post this in "done for now" but I'd only be kidding myself...

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    • Zu Cables Soul Superfly
    Zu's newest high efficiency 10
    • Shuguang S845 MK
    The flagship of Shuguang's Treasure Amplifier series. Wonderful pair of 845 SET monoblocks.
    • Shindo Auregies-L
    Wonderful Ken Shindo preamplifier.
    • Eastern Electric Minimax DAC (Bolder Mods)
    ESS Sabre32 powered tube/ss toggle-able DAC with Bolder Cable Company Level 1 modifications. A giant killer of a DAC
    • Logitech Squeezebox Touch (Bolder Mods)
    With the Bolder Cable Company Digital modifications and accompany Bolder PSU, this becomes an exceptional transport for a quick and easy music server
    • Well Tempered Labs Reference
    heavy sucker!
    • Denon DL-103D
    Legendary high compliance 103 series Denon
    • Jasmine Audio 2.0LP SE
    Wonderful two-box phono preamplifier built in China to a stunning build quality. With equally great sound.
    • Wywires throughout system
    Speaker cable, phono, interconnects, digital, and power cables. These things sound exceptional to me and yield a larger upgrade then many components.
    • Bob's Devices Cinemag SUT
    This SUT feeding either of my Denons (103D or Zu 103 prime) into my Jasmine makes MUSIC! Great product!
    • Zu 103 Grade 2 Prime
    Highest spec Zu re-bodied/potted Denon DL-103. The reviews are on point, I actually prefer this thing to the Koetsu Rosewood Sig I once owned.
    • APC S-15
    APC power conditioner.

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Do you still have Shuguang S845MK? I just bought a set and waiting to arrive from Canada. The manual said dimensions (9.7" W x 16.5" D x 10" H) seem too big comparing to the image you posted here.



I saw you name on a thread early last year on phono stages. I was interested in purchasing the Jasmine phono stage. It sounds like you this unit with Bob's transformer. Do you still like it? Any other suggestions? Saw a Musical Surroundings Nova for $700 on Audiogon that seemed to have good reviews.

Wow!!!! I like all you different systems. I have a couple systems as well but they are not as nice as yours.

Thanks for any thoughts you have on a phono stage.



System edited: components updated to reflect my current full time rig. I still have a handful of amps, cables, etc., sitting standby.


Gopher you really prefer the Shuguang 845 monos over the F1?


I'll have to post some new photos and update the components in this rig as there have been some MAJOR upgrades. I've turned some serious corners with SQ and am finding myself absolutely intoxicated with the sound I'm getting.

Amplification is Shuguang S845 MK 845 SET monoblocks
Preamp is now a Shindo Aurieges-L which is absolutely beautiful
Phono preamp is now a Jasmine LP 2.0SE which is a real giant killer
Eastern Electric DAC has been to Bolder Cables for heavy modification

My 103D is in its box and my Zu 103 Prime Grade 2 has been handling my analog. It was doing a fine job when I set it up, but since a visit from a friend with a Fozgometer a few days ago, I've still been trying to pick up my bottom jaw.


Thanks. Its modest compared to a lot of the rigs here, but its serving me well.

The Eastern Electric DAC is amazing. I haven't listened to many other DAC at its price range but I preferred it to the MDHT (Havana?) and to a few less expensive ones as well.

Even with a Squeezebox as a transport I prefer the sound I have now to every stand alone player I've owned. I prefer it to the Berendsen CDP-1 I replaced, which replaced a Meridian G08, which replaced a Mufi A308cr, which replaced a Meridian 508.20 which replaced a Jolida JD-100A and so on.

I don't have any desire to upgrade from it, although Wayne from Bolder cable has some pretty hardcore mods/upgrades in the works for it which may be tempting if the price is right.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the EE DAC.


How does that Eastern Electric DAC compare to similar rivals? Sweet set up!


Looking good Fred , and Im sure it's sounding awesome


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