This system evolved after a little over a year of listening and looking for a unique blend of equipment that would bring musical joy to my ears and home.

I have enjoyed the omnidirectional presentation for many years, having owned Larsen, Ohm, and Shahinian loudspeakers in the past. I like the live feel they give to my music, the Duevel Venus seemed to be a natural partner to the LinnenberG amplifiers, maybe a German synergy? 

The Innuos Zen and LinnenberG DAC/pre have been a thrill to use, they work wonderfully together. The Zen is so simple to use and makes a great source to feed the Telemann with. After enjoying the Zen for awhile now, I don’t know how I could ever do without it!

The Holbo air bearing turntable is a very new addition to the system. I have been wavering on analog for sometime now. This table is well made, fairly simple for air bearing arm and platter. Currently using an entry level cartridge, but a good one in the Nagaoka MP-110, but I will be exploring better in the future.

All components sit on BASE isolation platforms, and cabling comes from DH Labs throughout. Other tweeks and accessories will be evaluated in time, in continuing to fine tune a very fun system. 

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    • Holbo Air Bearing Turntable
    Air bearing for main platter as well as tone arm carriage. Linear tracking arm.
    • Nagaoka MP-110 phono cartridge
    Entry level MM cartridge, soon to be replaced with?
    • Croft Acoustics Micro 25 pre/phono
    Tubed line stage with MM phono stage.
    • Innuos Zen Mk2
    • LinnenberG Telemann
    • LinnenberG Allegro
    Monobloc amplifiers, 55 wpc
    • Duevel Loudspeakers Venus
    Two-way Omni-directional loudspeaker system.
    • DH Labs Cabling
    USB, D-110 AES-EBU, BL-1 balanced and single-ended, T-14 speaker.
    • LinnenberG Maestro SE
    Headphone amplifier/preamp
    • Sennheiser HD660S

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Guys, sorry I am a bit late to your response, I do forget about this quite often and fail to look at it! Apologies please!

Gary, the Larsen is a Swedish speaker designed by John Larsen, whom used to work alongside Stig Carlsson of Sonab/Carlsson fame. While the Larsen speakers have moved on and up in sound quality over the Sonab, they probably closely more resemble the Carlsson model 58 if you check out the Carlsson Planet website. I become more and more impressed by this little speaker, a true gem indeed!

Map, yes these are designed to go hard up against the wall, which kind of seemingly defeats the real omni-type idea here, but it doesn't. It just uses the wall for bass enhancement, and just gets out of the way, no more speakers out in the living space. This speaker is one of the rare wall boundary types that does not sound like a small 2-D cutout of the performers, it has a very large and open soundstage. Pricing is very good considering it is a product that is brought in from Sweden, which usually entails a rather hefty pricetag. Enjoy guys. Tim


System edited: Added a Plinius 8150 that was upgraded by factory to 8200 spec. This drives the Shahinian Obelsiks very well, and also moved the Larsen Model 4's a good deal further with the added current delivery of the Plinius. An oldie, but goody! Typically when listening to the Plinius/Shahinian combo, I utilize my Naim Uniti as the source, streaming iRadio or music on my computer. The Larsen is typically run byt the Naim Uniti/Nap-100 combo and is a really nice and fairly simple setup.


Hi Frazeur. Hope all is well.

Larson design as an omni to go up against wall makes it pretty unique. Pricing seems pretty competitive. Concept kind of reminds me of late 70s/early 80s pre-walsh line OHM Is, which had a limited run but seem to still retain some dedication from listeners. They always catch my eye when a pair come up for sale.

Ag insider logo xs@2xmapman

Just read your comprehensive report on your experience with Ohm speakers written a couple of years back - Nicely done. Responding here since you just posted this update today...

I just ordered a new pair of 3000 Talls from John (during his "summer blowout sale"), and should have these in a couple of weeks; looking very forward to hearing them.

Always wanted to own some updated-technology Ohms; during the mid-70's I worked in a stereo store known as Tech HiFi (an east cost chain owned by John himself), where Ohm was the exclusive house-brand speaker... I got to hear the mighty A's (the very first model; gigantic and power hungry), but the F was the one actual production Walsh-driver speaker at the time (Ohm also had an entire series of standard cone-in-a-box bookshelf style speakers).

The F to me was definitely intriguing, and I could have gotten a new pair for under $1000, but there was something rather "distant" sounding about them with rock music (that first-generation driver was much more suited to classical; some might argue with that, but this was my impression).

Being the era of the LP and groups such as Peter Frampton, Yes, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mack, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Steely Dan, etc, etc, etc - I chose Infinity Monitor IIA's instead (complete with Walsh super-tweeter on top) - Loud & bassy, but ultimately tiring... And as the years moved on, went to the Dahlquist DQ-10, 70's era Magnepans, 80's-era Acoustat (electrostatics), Vandy 2ci's, 90's-era Acoustats, and finally 90's-era Maggies (still own and love my 15-yr-old 1.6)

From everything I've read, the 3000-series I think shall be the cat's meow for me in my living room, where seating is such that a particular "sweet spot" is not an option, and I am very much a critical listener as to the quality of music reproduction (no computer-based audio in my house!).

So your downsizing included switching to a set of "Larsen Model 4" speakers - I can't find anything on these - Kinda resemble Ohms - What are they?



Ohm MWT and 3000 have left the system after a serious downsizing effort. The Naim Uniti brought in as a one-box solution along with the Larsen Model 4's. Simple and unique setup that is really very good at making music.


System edited: Ohm MWT omni's added to system for use as surrounds in A/V system. These make a very good surround speaker, and also a very affordable L/R speaker.


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