This is my (temporarily in the bedroom) system. Some of the components are leftovers from an older midfi system (the powerwedge, rack and speaker cables) so it's in a process of constant upgrading. The bedroom setting also creates problems with speaker placement etc, but it IS just temporary.

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    • Ayre CX7e-mp
    Ayre CX7, with evolution and MP upgrade.
    • Ayre K5Xe-mp
    K5Xe preamp, original evolution model with MP upgrade.
    • Ayre V5Xe
    V5X with evolution upgrade.
    • Magnestand Magnepan 1.6QR
    Done with 'curly' cherry frames and crossovers done in green poplar heartwood with figured quarter sawn oak and a leopardwood stripe on top.
    • Synergistic Research Acoustic Reference
    Using Galileo MPC. Cable positioned between source and preamp.
    • Synergistic Research Accelerator
    Using Galileo MPC. Between preamp and amp.
    • Synergistic Research Galileo MPC
    Used on Acoustic Reference and accelerator interconnect
    • Audioquest Bedrock
    • Synergistic Research T2
    On Preamp
    • Synergistic Research T3
    Used on Amp and CDP
    • Synergistic Research QLS-9
    Replaced powerwedge 112. Running MPCs, CD and preamp. T3 power cord.
    • Synergistic Research Precision Reference PC
    PC used on QLS-9
    • Synergistic Research Teslaplex
    no description
    • Polycrystal 31
    31" ultra high density 'wide' rack. Three shelf.
    • SRA Ohio Class XL Squared
    In 'sexy' matte black for the V5Xe.
    • Synergistic Research Art Basik
    Room acoustics package
    • Cardas Myrtle Wood Blocks
    I have Large V-blocks keeping power cords and IC's off the carpet, and small blocks stacked under the powercord on the CDP and Pre to keep the cords weight from pulling on the IEC inlet.
    • Magnestand Cable Lifts
    Cherry wood cable lifts match the speakers.
    • FIM Formula Eight
    CD mat.

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Thank you Ken!

To answer your questions... YES! the V5xe beats them into submission. I've heard maggies with a lot of amps (bryston, macintosh, etc etc) and The Ayre is a beautiful match. Very tight and controlled.

as for the 2nd question... I have a mix of SR's acoustic art basik room treatment and some acoustic 'pillows' in the room.


I made a post to your system way back..probably before you changed your name. Anyway, very nice set up for sure.

Looks like you have really done some research to get to where your at today. Nice choice of components indeed. The all SR cabling is quite impressive.

2 questions: Does the Ayre V5Xe amp take charge and control the Maggies well? and.... have you given thought to any room treatments, especially behind and immediately adjacent the panels?

All in all..a very well executed system..Congrats and enjoy!



System edited: More SR Tesla cords added to the system. Swapped Cardas Golden PCs for a T3 on the CDP and a T2 on the preamp. Much more dynamics, detail, fluidity and musicality. Next up will be Speaker cables!


System edited: Added Precision PC to QLS and put the T3 on the amp. Soundstage is huge and layered and the system is super detailed now.


System edited: Added the T3 to the QLS. It really opened up the sound. Wonderfully detailed and warm and musical with expansive soundstage and deep detailed bass.


System edited: Added a QLS-9 to replace the aging powerwedge 112. There is so much more clarity and depth and musicality now! And all this with the stock toss away power cable! I always knew that the wedge was sucking the life out of the music. A T3 is on the way as I type this and will be used with a Galileo MPC.


System edited: Swapped the MPC on the Acoustic Reference for a new Galileo MPC. Just put it in and even cold, right off the bat it was a rather noticeable difference. Much more air and imaging and wider, deeper soundstage. More body, slightly better timbre, a bit more detail, and the bass... I didn't think my mags could go any deeper or produce bass any better than they were.. but wow. And the quality is outstanding. I only have one in the system. I put it on the Acoustic refs between the CD and preamp. Seemed like the best place for it. I'd akin it to making the move from accelerator to acoustic ref in that spot, only a bit better. I can't wait for it to really get warmed up and get some hours on it. Now I must have another! From Ted Denney III in another post: "spin off technology from our Galileo research program. A hand built Quantum Tunneled Galileo MPC. The Galileo MPC is point to point wired (no circuit board), uses Vishay capacitors and Quantum Tunneled diodes. It is Quantum Tunneled in a six step process- the transformer is first Quantum Tunneled on its primary winding and a second time on its secondary winding, the Vishay capacitor is Quantum Tunneled as are the diodes. Next the signal path is Quantum Tunneled as are all contact points- the two AC blades, the lead wires and connectors are all Quantum Tunneled."


Not really a system edit, but my username has changed. It was Adhaney previously, but I wanted my account to reflect my new married name. :)

The original system post can be found under the old username.


Teslaplex on the way. After having the speakers done, the gear upgraded and new cables I'm out of money for even the QLS-6 for now! Maybe for christmas :)


System edited: Finally traded in my old VD Master series for shiny new Synergistic Research ICs. I just finished a long audition of the Acoustic Reference and Accelerator with Accelerator speaker cables from the CableCo, and it's the best my system has EVER sounded. Just stunning. Today I sent their cables back and received my brand new set of ICs. I'm sad to see the speaker cables go as they really helped a lot. The first half of the audition was with my AQ Bedrocks... and while it was a huge improvement, it just got that much better with the Accelerator cables in place. Those will have to be my next purchase, that or a QLS-6 to replace my old powerwedge.


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