This is the (current) end result of my conquest for the perfect set where only Audiophysic have been a constant factor in it. I am quit pleased a the moment. I'm justing squeezing (read tweaking) the set to get the most out of the used componentens. Spent a lot on powerkabels, fuses etc.

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 33’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Audio Physic Caldera
    Always been an Audio Physic fan.
    • Audio Physic Rhea
    Also known as the Terra
    • XLO Electric Limited
    Speaker cables
    • Plinius Sa-103
    Fantastic 125 class-a amplifier
    • XLO Limited XLR
    Goes from AMR to the Plinius
    • AMR DP-777 Signature Edition
    Excellent sound dac with integratie tube preamp stage.
    • Kimber Kable Orchid Aes/Ebu
    Between NAD M50 en AMR DP-777
    • NAD M50
    • AudioQuest Cinnamon Ethernet cable
    Used from the Synalogy NAS to the router and from the Router to the NAD M50
    • Synology DS213+
    NAS with all my music in WAV or FLAC
    • XLO Electric Unlimited
    Used between the RCM Audio Sensor Prelude and the AMR DP777
    • RCM Audio Sensor Prelude IC
    • XLO Electric Unlimited
    Used between the VPI Scout and the RCM Audio Sensor Prelude IC
    • VPI Industries Aries Scout
    • Benz Micro Wood L2
    • Phoenix Engineering Eagle
    Speed control which can be fed by the roadrunner tachometer.
    • Phoenix Engineering Roadrunner
    Tachometer which measures the platter speed and sends it to to the phoenix engineering eagle to correct the speed
    • Gingko Audio Cloud 10
    • Exact Power Systems EP-15a
    Sub-cycle generator used to clean up the power for:
    - Phonotrap: RCM Sensor Prelude IC
    - Phono power: Phoenix Engineering Eagle PSU
    - Streamer: NAD M50
    - Pre amplifier and DAC: AMR DP777
    • Vibex One Rhodium
    • Virtual Dynamics Master Powercord
    Powercord on the AMR DP777, Plinius SA103, NAD M50 and Rcm Sensor Prelude IC
    • Supra Cables LoRad
    Used to wire from the powergroup to the vibex powerblock
    • Soundsmith Counter Intuitive for VPI
    • Synergistic Research Orange fuses
    • Creaktiv Trend 2
    Audio rack damped and filled frame
    • Hanss Acoustics RCM
    Record Cleaning Machine
    • IsoAcoustics Gaia II
    Used under the Audio Physics Caldera
    • SVS Soundpath
    Used under the Audio Physics Rhea
    • Silent Angel Bonn n8
    Ethernet switch

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System edited: At the moment I only stream. Sold my Forsell cd transport. Removed the Herron VTSP2 due to having only one source. Herron VTSP2 is a great preamplifier, but simplyfing a component out of the signalflow is even better!


Hi Ryder
Sorry for the very late answer. But perhaps still usefull. The ceraballs give a substantial change. Components started to sound more refined. Better definition, increased soundstage.


Do you still have the Ceraball? Would appreciate if you can comment on the benefits they brought to the system when placed below components.



System edited: After severall experiments the Blacknote DSS30i Tube convinced me that streaming is the future. Sold my Forsell CD transport and Chord DAC64.


Hi, may I ask if the Ceraballs managed to bring an appreciable difference to the components that are placed under them? What sort of improvements are perceived when the Ceraballs are placed beneath the components?

I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.


Thinking of purchasing Calderas like yours,do they still compete with current competition at 7 and 8 grand


Thnx for the response. I will check you tips out.

I believe the Herron VTSP-3 is hard to get in Holland. Herron is using some lead in his amps which is not allowed in Europe. It is hard to import them because of regulations.

I like the Tesla tubes a lot. I also have a set of Pope tubes but the Tesla are much better. Bigger soundstages more dynamics.


Hi Vergeerr. Very noce setup you have. Consider upgrading the Herron to VTSP-3, it makes a substantial improvement in body and impact, while keeping all the virtues of the Herron. Curious what you think about the Tesla tubes. I am using Amperex 7308's with very nice results. Cheers


A mod you can have done is installing an Audio Magic Pulse GEN ZX. It absorbs RFI/EMI inside the chassis. You can read the review(s)@Positive Feedback Online. I just got one.


System edited: After expirmenting with a Lyngdorf Room processor, I tried the Tact RCS 2.0. The lyngdorf was a bit dissapointing, because it was doing A-D D-A conversion. And not on the level of Chord dac64. The Tact is placed between the CD transport and the Dact, so it works completly in the digital domain. And does a nice job.


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